Pernod Ricard USA is pleased to announce a realignment of its Northeast Business Unit. Effective January 1, the Northeast Business Unit, previously part of the company’s Continental Division, shifted to other divisions accordingly:

East Division

The New Jersey team is now part of the East Division(NY,NJ,DE) led by Garrett McGuinness, North East Business Unit Director. As part of this change, the following changes have been made to the reporting structure:

◦   JB Woodworth, previously ABSOLUT DMM has been promoted to Lifestyle Director, East Spirits Division, reporting to Ed Merklen, GM – East Sales Division

◦   Christine Barlow, NJ State Manager now reports to Garrett McGuiness

◦   Jennifer Arbitell, previously DMM – MA/CT/RI/NJ, has been named ABSOLUT DMM for the NY/DE/NJ Business Unit reporting to Whit Repp, East Division Marketing Director

◦   Deepak Sinha, Division Marketing Manager, will now support the NY/DE/NJ Business Unit reporting to Whit Repp, East Division Marketing Director

Control State Division

Pernod Ricard USA has created the New England Business Unit, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, which is now part of the Control Division. As a result of this change, Brian Driscoll, State Manager – NH/VT/ME; George Hutchinson, State Manager – CT; and Steve Gordon, newly promoted to State Manager – MA, will report to the Business Unit Director (BUD) position (currently open).  Other changes include:

DMM, New England Business Unit (currently open) will report to Tim Jenzen, Control Division Marketing Director

Marty Crane, Senior Vice President of Spirits Sales commented, “We are confident these changes in our Sales organization will improve our structure and allow us to better support our customers. We have great expectations for the New Year and believe we now have the structure in place to reach and exceed these goals.”