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Piccolo New York CityPiccolo –  New York City

New York City is the most populated city in the United States, and there is no shortage of amazing restaurants for you to try. Even with all of the options available, there are still some eateries that stand out as the best restaurants in New York City. With four locations across the city, Piccolo Cafe has grown into one of the most popular and recognizable cafe’s in the city. Their continued growth, loyal customers, and endless positive reviews are what makes Piccolo one of the best restaurants in New York City.

Piccolo’s Italian Blend

Every great restaurant has a most popular item and for Piccolo, that item is our famous Italian Blend coffee. The raw coffee beans we use are hand selected by our baristas and are tested before being roasted to ensure the flavor is just right. The coffee beans come from all over the world, from Brazil and Colombia in South America to India in the far east.

Once the best coffee beans have been selected, they send them overseas to the espresso capital of the world, Trieste, Italy where they will be roasted and blended in the traditional Italian fashion. All of the coffee is organic and roasted with the utmost love and care to ensure our most popular product is always the highest quality.

Piccolo’s Paninis

While the Italian Blended coffee is their forte, the paninis are just as flavorful and pair well with the world class hot beverage. With more than 20 varieties of paninis to choose from, you will never leave hungry when you visit one of the four locations in New york City. If you’re looking for an authentic Italian cafe right in the heart of Manhattan, you can swing by the Times Square location to indulge in one of their genuine Italian paninis.
Piccolo Cafe – Gramercy
157 3rd Avenue (btw 15th & 16th Street)
New York | NY 10003
Tel. 212.260.1175

Piccolo Cafe – Times Square
274 west 40th street (@ 8 ave)
New York | NY 10018
Tel. 212.302.0143

Piccolo Cafe – Madison Avenue
238 Madison Avenue (btw 37th & 38th)
New York | NY 10016
Tel. 212.447.4399

Piccolo Cafe – Amsterdam Avenue
313 Amsterdam Avenue (btw 74th & 75th)
New York, NY, 10021
Tel. 212.873.0962