Pleasing The Palate – ATLANTA’S HOTEL DINING

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What are the best restaurants? Who is the chef? What kind of food do they serve? Good cooking speaks in every language, but in only one voice: a voice that all Atlantean food lovers understand. We at F&B Magazine, like to think that we are sharing our thoughts in the true spirit of foodies all over this city: people who believe that each meal is an adventure, an experience that not only fuels the body, but fires the spirit; people who are on the lookout for an elusive explosion of flavor, or a favorite dish prepared in an entirely new way.

We admire chefs who can take a few sprigs of aromatics and a spoonful of spices, and turn the mundane into magic. We welcome you, our companions on a course of discovery: to find the best places to eat, whether in our own back yard or on the other side of the world.

Atlanta has a number of fantastic restaurants, regardless of the fare you seek. Whether it’s Seafood, Asian, Southern, a great brunch, or a good old fashioned filet, Atlanta has what you’ve been craving. Atlanta dining experience offers a unique and fun atmosphere, great places if you’re going out on a date, and the food is exquisite. There is also an outdoor patio type establishments, but for some places, it is probably best to call ahead and make a reservation in advance. Downtown is the perfect place to go out on the town with friends, to grab dinner and then make an evening of it. Atlanta dining is nationally hailed for some of the most diverse, interesting, friendly, and adventurous restaurants in the country. For the citizens of Atlanta dining can be an art form. Each meal you enjoy in Atlanta will be distinct in every aspect – unique taste and unique atmosphere.

The restaurants will leave a mark you won’t soon forget. You may find that once you start sampling the quality of the local food, you can’t stop ‘til you’ve sampled every restaurant in this city. Then you’ll go back for seconds, and start to form an opinion as to which restaurants you found the most delicious. It won’t be easy. You may have to go back several times before the final verdict is in

Like any city, Atlanta dining offers a complete range in levels of formality. This can be a big factor in deciding where you want to dine. If you are planning a romantic date or want a nice place to take a colleague, there is a wealth of classic restaurant options in downtown Atlanta. If you are experienced at fine dining, you will know what to expect. They offer the same luxurious service (and high prices) as any other part of country. But in my experience, southern restaurants are more about providing delicious food for you than appearing “posh.” You will find a combination of great food and sophisticated atmosphere—just right for a business lunch or intimate dinner.

When you’re choosing a restaurant from the wealth of Atlanta dining options, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of delicious restaurants available to you. But if you just choose one and go with it, you’ll find that it is challenging to even track down a restaurant in Atlanta that will disappoint you. So just ask yourself what type of food you feel like having and open up a copy of Atlanta Food & Beverage Magazine, flip through ‘til you find the type of food you want, and go to the first one you see. You’ll find the unknown can be more than pleasantly surprising.