Preiss Imports brand name returns to Preiss family


Family Name Returns to Third-generation Specialty Import Company

Preiss Imports brand name returns to Preiss familyHPS Epicurean, a third-generation company specializing in the importing and marketing of international spirits, wines and culinary niche brands, has reacquired the rights to the name Preiss Imports and is excited to announce the relaunch of the name as part of their spirits division, a name that is synonymous with the Preiss family’s fifty-five-year business of building brands from scratch.

Henry Preiss, a well-known pioneer in developing small, premium brands and placing them strategically with distributors in virtually every market in the U.S., founded Preiss Imports in 1987, where he developed particular insight into the needs of suppliers, retailers and customers, as well as a keen perception into artisanal beverage trends. Under Henry’s guidance and expertise, Preiss Imports was a well-known company in the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s, representing thirty-three suppliers from around the globe and was known for national distribution of iconic brands in the United States, including Darroze Armagnac, Luxardo, Springbank, Hirsch Bourbon, and Chinaco Tequila.

In 2008, The Griffin Group bought Preiss Imports, and also later acquired Anchor Brewers & Distillers. Then, in November 2012, Henry and his daughter Nicole Preiss founded HPS Epicurean – a company dedicated to developing a portfolio that embodies the fusion of culinary arts, spirits and wine. The Preiss family was fortunate enough to take ownership of the Preiss Imports name once again in 2016, demonstrating the validity and credibility this family on the forefront of importing has maintained over the past fifty-five years.

Today, the “new” Preiss Imports, led by Henry Preiss and his daughter Nicole Preiss, continues to offer a rich and competitive portfolio that remains true to their core philosophy: Heart, Passion, Soul. Henry continues to build upon his forty-two-year personal legacy of providing brand-driven, iconic products to the U.S. marketplace including Polugar, Agricanto, Centerba, Bailoni, Lindisfarne, Casa d’Aristi, Mezcal Marca Negra, among others. Preiss Imports will also be adding some new brands to their portfolio this year such as By The Dutch Old Genever, Batavia Arrack, a line of rare Scotch whiskeys, Mezcal from Zacateca, and more.

The new name is effective July 5, 2016, and will be implemented across the company’s spirits division as well as the overall brand name, while the culinary and wine categories will remain under the HPS Epicurean name.

Preiss Import’s full portfolio of products are available at specialty spirit and wine shops in most key U.S. markets. Gourmet specialties available for purchase online at Find more information about Preiss Imports and their products at Follow Preiss Imports on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About HPS Epicurean/Preiss Imports

Preiss Imports is a third-generation company specializing in international wines, spirits, beers and gourmet specialties. With unequivocal appreciation of provenance, tradition and history, Preiss Imports is poised to foster a fresh perspective and enjoyment of the finer, artisanal side of life. HPS Epicurean was founded in 2012 by forty-two-year industry veteran, Henry Preiss, with his daughter Nicole Preiss. In 2016, they Preiss family reacquired the rights to the name Preiss Imports. Today, the company continues to build a platform that provides brand-driven, iconic products to the U.S. marketplace. Learn more at