Purity´s award-winning vodka, spritz & gin soon available in all 50 US states

Purity Distillery together with Blue Ridge Spirits and Wine Marketing, announce today they have signed a new agreement to expand their sales and marketing partnership to cover all 50 states. Purity is currently distributed in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Tennesse, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Arkansas, and Maryland.

“Purity is a great company and we are excited to expand our partnership together” said Carlos Carreras CEO of Blue Ridge Spirits and Wine Marketing. “The Purity brand represents high quality, natural, craft spirits and is positioned well for long term growth.”

“Blue Ridge has proven to be a valued, strategic partner capable of working with our customers and distributor partners to maximize growth,” said Andy Kullhem, CEO of Purity Vodka Inc. “I look forward to working with the Blue Ridge family to grow the Purity brand for years to come.”

About Blue Ridge Wine and Spirits Marketing

Blue Ridge Spirits & Wine Marketing is a sales and marketing company, representing a diverse group of premium wines and spirits from around the world. Our portfolio is comprised of brands both created and developed by Blue Ridge, as well as partner brands selected for their growth potential. The Blue Ridge team brings to the table a strong sales force with established distributor and retailer relationships nationwide.

For more information please visit www.BlueRidgeSpirits.com

About Purity Distillery

Purity Distillery makers of Purity Vodka, Purity Spritz, and Purity Gin is a family-owned, award-winning, organic, craft distillery located at Ellinge Castle in Southern Sweden. 

At Purity Distillery we only have one motivation – to produce the best tasting spirits imaginable. It’s a simple statement that is very difficult to achieve. For the last decade, every decision is based on that one criterion. From choosing the best organic ingredients and mineral-rich soft natural water to spending years refining our unique distillation process. Every step matter, because the taste matters. That’s all that counts.

Over the years, Purity Vodka has excelled at the worlds blind tasting competitions, taking home a record number of highly sought-after awards, including being named as “Best Organic Vodka in the World 2019” by The International Spirit Challenge, and “World´s Best Vodka” by the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2017, and earning “96 Points, Top 100 Spirit in the World” by Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the only organic distillery to make the top 100.

For more information please visit www.PurityDistillery.com