Q&A With Patti

Q– Have you been approached by other liquor brands and offered ownership? Why did you choose to work with Ty Ku?

A- Yes I have had inquiries from several other brands for my involvement.  In fact, I was planning on creating my own, but fell in love with Tyku.  Its  natural, gluten-free no sulfates means no hangover and I love the taste.  The bottle alone sold me – it’s the sexiest bottle I’ve ever seen, we won the iF Design Award.  But the calorie count of 45 calories per shot is what really won me over. I couldn’t drink other brands due to their high calories and I always got an unpleasant hangover

Q-Do you prefer Ownership or endorsement opportunities?

A-I prefer both as I love to promote products I adore, it’s a fun benefit to being involved with endorsement..  But as an owner I have more input on future products and promotions.  And as the only female owner I get to put the feminine imprint on the brand.

Q-What is your role with the company?

A-My role is to bring awareness to our customers, particularly the female consumers who think sake is only to be paired with Japanese food.  At Tyku we drink our flavors in a wine glass in place of wine of vodka.  Straight or with a mixer it is so easy to prepare. I love to pour it at dinner parties and watch my friends respond with the “wow factor”.  Light and refreshing is what surprises everyone.  

Q-Was Sake always your drink of choice? Why sake and what do you love about it?

A-I have always loved sake not, in ever knew the traditional way is to drink it chilled or that you can drink it with food.  I like to call it the “elixir of love” as it is meant to be shared. The proper way it is to pour it for another , not for yourself.  That speaks volumes to me as a Matchmaker – how romantic!

Q-What is your personal goal for Ty Ku in the next few years?

A-That the brand is a household name, is served in the club or bar near you and that it is available everywhere from grocery chains  and liquor stores.  When you want low calories with taste you will automatically ask for Tyku.

Q-Are you seeing and emergence in the gluten free market, Do you agree with Dr. Oz when he speaks of people using Gluten free products when it is unnecessary and just adds un needed calories?

A-Gluten free is hot now and I don’t agree with the assessment of Dr. Oz.  I suffer from cluster headaches and I found that most alcohol triggers my attacks.  Tyku doesn’t have that effect on me as it’s gluten free and has no sulfates.  Being gluten free I have found I feel better overall as an individual.

Q- How do you see Ty Ku Vs. traditional sake?

A- think we blow traditional sake away.  We use the finest and all-natural ingredients and age-old distilling techniques.  And we have a vast array of unique flavors, something for everyone’s taste.  

Q-Where do you see this brand heading in 2-5 years?

A-I feel we will branch out with mixed cocktails from individual servings to full bottles, and a mixer and soda line would be a great add-on. I know we will also expand internationally. More importantly in 5 years Tyku will be the only sake you will know by name. I’ll be you can’t name one other sake by brand now.  

Q– What trends are you seeing in the food & beverage industry that companies should be on the lookout for? Low and lower calories per mixed drink that cater to females because drinking – excuse my French – can make you fat.

A-We girls love to get our drink on but it’s got to taste good and be light.  I think cool flavors with designer names such as what Jelly Belly did for the jelly bean market.  

Q-Is it true that all Jewish girls from Short Hills make great wives? ;)

A-Oh yes, it’s true.  They make the best wives, no competition.