QSLD commissioned to revisit the line of POS for the renowned champagne Moet & Chandon

The new line of POS by established design boutique, QSLD, reflects the elegance and finesse of the French champagne.

QSLD commissioned to revisit the line of POS for the renowned champagne Moet & ChandonThe team of designers creates objects that reflect the contemporaneity, glamour and refinement of the brand with an uncluttered balance of material and curves. The designs resemble different shapes of tulip flowers with golden and textured envelop at the base and soaring up transparent PMMA at the top.

The brushed or lacquered gold bases reflect the establishment and status of the house of champagne while the slandering transparent tops convey lightness and modernity. The line unfolds three buckets designs, each with different textures and finishes. As the Champagne wine, each of the different corolla shapes of the buckets inspire voluptuousness and generosity.

The first version features a brushed gold finish with engraved label for restaurants.

The second version addresses the hype night bars and lounges. It is enveloped with a lacquer gold base. The labels are transparent letters cut in the gold base both in the front and the back of the bucket. This allows light through and creates a transparency effect while maximizing the brand.

QSLD commissioned to revisit the line of POS for the renowned champagne Moet & ChandonThe third bucket was designed for the night clubs and is made as a fully transparent can.
The design concept offers a line extension with bowls of different layers combining gold and transparency as well. The corolla shapes are emphasized and reversed to convey modernity. The reversed curves open up the bottom part and unveil the bottom part of the bottle with the brand’s label.

QSLD worked in a collaborative environment with the selected fabricators. Their combined efforts and the result of R&D allowed for the injection technique to merge the two parts of the buckets together in a seamless and elegant way.

The use of different materials including poly-methyl methacrylate and the technical innovation involved makes this line stands out. The injection technique used for the gold layers allows for greater resistance and better durability of the shine effects of the objects.

In 1993, Denis Boudard brings together a team of design experts and creative talents in Paris to found QSLD. The agency was born from a shared passion for design strategies applied to luxury brands. The team was one of the pioneers advocating for 360 degrees design strategy to the luxury market in France. Together with their clients and collaborators, they maximized and developed successful branding, packaging design and activation programs; using their expertise to create powerful links between the product and the consumer.

Today, the agency is run by CEO Christophe Guichard. The team includes more than 20 marketing experts and designers based in Paris, New York, Miami and Geneva.