Raised & Rooted™ Brand Launches New Products Bringing Delicious Plant-Based Options to Grills This Summer

Raised & Rooted™ brand, Tyson Foods’ brand of plant protein products, is expanding its offerings with three new products to meet the increased demand for plant-based protein options. The new plant-based burger patties, Bratwurst and Italian sausages, and ground are available in the refrigerated section of grocery stores nationally.


“Our plant-based proteins deliver the same delicious flavors, in a better-for-you alternative, they are plants made meatier,” said David Ervin, vice president of marketing, Raised & Rooted. “We are excited to provide people with satisfying alternative protein options perfect for any occasion.”


Plants Made Meatier for Grilling Moments


While there are more plant-based options available for consumers today, few are made for those looking to fire up their grills. In a recent survey, nearly half of Americans noted a desire for more satisfying, plant-based options for the grill.[1]


Raised & Rooted is delivering on those desires with the introduction of its plant-based burger patties and sausages. Made from pea protein, and soy free, the new refrigerated plant protein options are chef inspired, with the seasoning and texture to deliver a mouthwatering taste experience for meat and plant eaters alike.


With 17g – 21g of protein per serving, the patties and sausages provide an excellent source of protein with 75 percent less saturated fat than traditional options.



Image Caption: Raised & Rooted™ Plant-Based Burger patties are made with pea protein, and deliver a tasty, better-for-you version of traditional beef burgers without sacrificing that juicy burger experience. An excellent source of protein with 21g per serving, the burger patties have 75 percent less saturated fat than traditional 80/20 beef.
Image Caption: Raised & RootedTM Plant-Based Bratwurst and Italian Sausages are the perfect protein swap for the grill or skillet. The sausages are made with pea protein and deliver 17g of protein per serving. The delicious links deliver an authentic sausage experience, with 75 percent less saturated fat than that of traditional Italian sausage pork offerings.


Plants Made Meatier for Mealtime Inspiration


Plant-based protein sales increased 148 percent year-over-year* with at-home cooking increasing exponentially and consumers seeking a variety of new options for their weekday meal inspiration.


Raised & Rooted is expanding its portfolio of everyday favorites, Nuggets, Spicy Nuggets, and Whole-Grain Tenders, with new plant-based ground. Also made from pea protein, and soy free, the refrigerated ground cooks-up easily in a skillet and provides 23g of protein per serving while delivering a delicious, better-for-you option for any favorite recipe.




Image Caption: Raised & RootedTM Plant-Based Ground delivers a tasty option for mealtime inspiration. Made with pea protein, and soy free, the ground provides 24g of protein per serving, with 75 percent less saturated fat than traditional 80/20 beef.


Commitment to Growth & Innovation


Raised & Rooted™ brand introduced in 2019, is committed to providing plant-based options that deliver the taste and quality people are seeking, expanding its portfolio across both frozen and refrigerated innovations, with additional new product innovations to come later this summer.


The brand has also seen impressive growth in its first year with availability at more than 10,000 retail stores and online and expanding globally from the U.S. into Europe.


“We are excited about the momentum we’ve built over the past year, fueled by our growth at retail, and our ability to continue to meet consumer’s demands,” added Ervin. “Raised & Rooted was created to provide plant-based options for everyone, and our new products are the next step toward meeting that goal while remaining steadfast to our commitment to providing great tasting alternative options.”


New Raised & Rooted™ brand plant-based refrigerated options are available nationwide and are priced competitively between $4.99 and $7.99 per package. For more information on Raised & Rooted brand, and to where to locate products, visit: www.raisedandrooted.com.