Real-Time Keg Measurement With SteadyServ Technologies

Real-Time Keg Measurement With SteadyServ TechnologiesSteadyServ Technologies, an emerging technology company, recently announced the iKeg system, a mobile, SaaS-based inventory management solution for the beer industry. Far from scientific measurements, the shake-the-keg technique is a guessing game that often lands bars with empty taps. The iKeg solution brings precision and real-time measurement to keg inventory at a time when many bars and restaurants still rely paper and pen to process orders and take inventory.

Large margins of error exist for beer inventory management mostly due to not being able to accurately measure the contents within the keg. The shake-it test leaves plenty of information a mystery—it’s a guessing game as to what really remains in the keg.

Many factors can affect the beer content in a keg. Product loss can occur in transport, upon tapping the keg, and while in storage. Once a bartender taps the keg, it’s only a best guess as to how much sellable beer is really in the keg. SteadyServ Technologies recognized that the $1 million lost each year in beer inventory due to keg freshness issues could be curbed with better measurements and inventory controls.

Real-Time Keg Measurement With SteadyServ TechnologiesThe iKeg system enables bartenders and bar managers to use real-time measurements of a keg’s beer content without the shake-test. Among many streamlining opportunities for inventory control, this system can keep a bartender ahead of a near-dry keg, so patrons keep getting the beer they want. At the touch of a smartphone, bartenders can get the closest thing to a look inside the keg.

About SteadyServ
Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, SteadyServ was founded in 2012 by Steve Hershberger and Steve Kremer. CEO Hershberger, an experienced software and technology entrepreneur, has assembled a strong team with extensive experience in software design and engineering, craft brewery marketing and operations, hardware engineering and manufacturing, mobile technology, finance, and business operations. To learn more please visit and find SteadyServ on Twitter.