REBOOTizer® Debuts New Package Design as Part of Whole Foods Market Expansion

REBOOTizer®, a revolutionary, all-natural Swiss formulated wellness booster that delivers antioxidant support and detox assistance, is debuting a new package design at Whole Foods Market stores as the brand expands to four new regions across the US.

REBOOTizer® has recently been approved for sales and distribution in four new Whole Foods Market regions, building upon the sales success in the over 40 stores of the test market Southern Pacific region (encompassing Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii). REBOOTizer® was accepted in June into the Whole Foods Market Northern California region, with 15 stores, and in August, in Northern Atlantic and Mid Atlantic regions, with 24 and nine stores, respectively. In September, REBOOTizer® will be introduced to the Rocky Mountain region.

BrandStorm HBC, acting as distributor, helped to secure the product placement with the four new Whole Foods Market regions, in total across 15 states. To further support the new store activations, sampling teams will make in-store appearances and provide product samples, education materials, and high value IRC coupons to interested healthy living consumers.

Patrons shopping in the identified Whole Foods Market stores will be among the first to see REBOOTizer®’s newly revealed package, a sleek new design featuring bold new colors, a new REBOOTizer® logo, and a clear view of the products’ uniquely functional two compartment pouch. Consumers will see the blend of all natural antioxidant-rich plant and fruit extracts in the top compartment and ultra-purified water, kept separate in the bottom compartment.  This MixSystem™ dual pouch configuration protects the potency of the antioxidants by avoiding contact with water or air until the pouch is squeezed and contents are shaken together for immediate consumption. The MixSystem™ pouch has most recently received honors from the San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University (UCAM) in Spain, for its special and innovative method of packaging as part of the Awards for Innovation in Health and Nutrition.

Additionally, a new box designed for both a three-pack and a six-pack set of REBOOTizer® has also received a redesign to more effectively communicate the wellness booster’s key functions and benefits.  The copy details some of the many uses and health properties of REBOOTizer® in that it provides antioxidant support and detox assistance to help eliminate free radicals and toxins, thus helping to improve body performance and recovery and protect cells from free radical damage.

Building upon the newly announced Whole Foods Market locations, REBOOTizer® is available nationally for direct purchase online ( <> ), at Mother’s Market & Kitchen locations in Orange County, CA, at select retailers in the metro New York area, and more retailers nationwide to be announced later this year.