Red Book Connect’s #Tipworthy Movement Rewards Outstanding Restaurant Workers

New award contest will recognize the top #Tipworthy server

Red Book Connect’s #Tipworthy Movement Rewards Outstanding Restaurant WorkersThey fill our drinks, take our orders and make us feel at home even when we’re far away. They are constantly upbeat and go above and beyond even when it isn’t required. They work the front lines of our restaurants and they make our day because that’s what they love to do. Now it’s time to show them some love. Red Book Connect, a global mobile solutions provider for the restaurant industry, announced today that it is launching #Tipworthy, a movement to recognize and reward hardworking hourly restaurant workers.

As part of the #Tipworthy movement, Red Book Connect is hosting a contest to bring attention to the movement by encouraging everyone to nominate their favorite server from Monday, April 7, 2014 through midnight Friday, May 9, 2014. The winner, who will be recognized as the top #Tipworthy server, will receive a surprise visit and reward from Red Book Connect. The winner will be announced at Summer Brand Camp, which runs from June 3 – 5 in Dallas, Texas. For more information about the contest, go to

“Red Book Connect serves the restaurant industry and we are delighted to be able to spread the word about the #Tipworthy movement that honors the servers and hourly workers, who are truly unsung heroes,” said Larry Abramson, CEO of Red Book Connect. “With everyone’s help, we’ll make a difference in the lives of those who serve us and truly show our appreciation for what they do — one interaction at a time. We encourage everyone to post #Tipworthy stories – tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pics, blogs, videos or any story that shares a story about rewarding great service.”

Anyone can participate in #Tipworthy and there are several ways to get involved, including:

  • Follow the hashtag #Tipworthy on your preferred social media platform and interact with people who are using it. Share their stories with your network and give them a personal word of encouragement or a thank you for their recognition of the men and women of the service industry.
  • Take time to recognize #Tipworthy service when you are eating out, not just with a tip but also with something out of the ordinary, such as a note of thanks, a talk with their manager to ensure their service is recognized, telling them that you actually will complete the customer service survey and that you’ll mention their name positively when you do. Above all, make sure they know that you appreciate their #Tipworthy level of service.
  • Tell Red Book Connect your #Tipworthy story by posting directly to any Red Book Connect or Hot Schedules social media platform.

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