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Reserve with Google Lets Customers Book Reservations at DineTime Restaurants

QSR Automations has collaborated with Google to integrate DineTime with Reserve with Google.

Reserve with Google Lets Customers Book Reservations at DineTime RestaurantsReserve with Google allows Google users to discover and book services straight from Google Search and Google Maps. With this new integration, DineTime equipped restaurants will be able to use the booking button built by Google, allowing users to see real-time availability and reserve a table directly from their search.


Reserve with Google is very simple for both restaurants and potential diners.

Reserve with Google Lets Customers Book Reservations at DineTime Restaurants

For a customer, they just have searched for a restaurant through Google (either Google Search or Google Maps). DineTime restaurants appear in relevant Google searches like: “restaurants near me,” “restaurants in Las Vegas,” and “family friendly restaurants” and Google searches for your restaurant specifically.

When a user clicks on a specific restaurant, they will see business information such as hours of operations, address and a button to book a table.

The button will show real-time reservation availabilities – pushed directly from the restaurant using DineTime’s API – and the customer can select a reservation that suits their needs. They can make a reservation for current or future visits and be able to customize their reservation to reflect the size of their party, time, and date.

Once the reservation is complete, it is automatically reflected in your DineTime guest management system. The user will receive a confirmation, and the restaurant can prepare for the upcoming reservation.

Simply put – it means more bookings and new customers. DineTime restaurants can take advantage of Google’s incredible amount of traffic and use it to effectively allow Google to book reservations for you through the Reserve with Google integration.

Reserve with Google reduces the friction that a potential customer has to take when they’re looking for their next meal. Customers no longer need to find a restaurant online, search their website for a phone number, then call the restaurant to reserve a table. Reserve with Google meets customers exactly where they already are.

“Online search is driving businesses today. Google is a window for customers to view services and availability, so operators need to make sure their restaurants are represented,” states Lee Leet, CEO and Founder of QSR Automations. “Reserve with Google puts DineTime restaurants out in front when search intent is high, increasing visibility, and reservation bookings.”

Let’s say someone is searching for a place for dinner tonight. They type in “restaurants near me” in Google Search. Three restaurant options appear to the top, but only one of them – your DineTime restaurant – allows them to book a table for tonight, which is exactly what they were looking for.

Because Reserve with Google shows real-time table availability, the customer picks your restaurant. It required no additional steps and allowed the user to customize the reservation to fit their needs. DineTime restaurants have a competitive edge when using Reserve with Google.


“Together with Google, we’re making technology more approachable and easier for restaurants to use. We look forward to helping restaurants seamlessly connect with diners using Google as a platform,” continues Leet.

Reserve with Google is now available to DineTime restaurants and diners globally.


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