Rhum Barbancourt Delivers An Authentic Taste of Haiti

In 1862, Dupré Barbancourt founded a rum distillery in Haiti bearing his name. Striving to get the most possible delicate rum, he applied the traditional French distillation methods used in his native Cognac region to Haitian sugar canes.

Rhum Barbancourt: Taste of Haiti – Food & Beverage Magazine

Rhum Barbancourt’s grand specificity is to be distilled from pure cane juice while other Caribbean rums use molasses (a residue from the sugar-refining process that only carries the essences left over after sugar extraction). Sugar cane juice has a broader diversity of aromas than molasses, thus conveying a richer, more sophisticated savor. The raw material difference translates into the taste of the distilled rum.

Sugar canes are crushed within 36 hours to ensure freshness. Their juice is then fermented with an exclusive Barbancourt yeast that brings out fruity aromas. Once distilled, the rum is left to age in Limousin oak barrels. 

Aging in oak from Limousin (a forest lying 50 miles east of Cognac, the wood of which has distinctive properties) is practiced in the aging of the most delicate spirits, notably Cognac. It confers Rhum Barbancourt’s rare oaky aromas. 

Under Haitian weather conditions, the rhum needs 8 years to capture all of the oaky essences of the barrel, which is why Rhum Barbancourt 5 star ages 8 full years in Limousin oak, making it an XO rum.

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Rhum Barbancourt is bottled at 86 proof because this strength allows its taste to spread more efficiently over the mouth. Combining intense oaky aromas with the mild flavors of Haitian cane, this powerful rum offers a perfect balance of flavors and a smooth finish. Its bold tones include fruity notes, as well as vanilla and pepper ones. 

Loyal to its soil and history, Rhum Barbancourt remains faithful to the tradition and principles of its founder. For over 160 years, Rhum Barbancourt has been produced by the same family (now 5th generation) through the exact same process, using unaltered methods. 

The terroir-driven profile of Rhum Barbancourt complex savor explains its popularity among rum connoisseurs and aficionados. 

Ideal for sipping neat at room temperature, Rhum Barbancourt is also perfect on the rocks with a splash of lemon.