RockHouse Live International, an exciting new hybrid live & virtual entertainment-themed restaurant and venue concept by veteran entertainment execs Zach Bair and Jock Weaver, announced today its inaugural location in the heart of the world-renowned Clearwater Beach entertainment district. The new venue seats about 450 and will be opening on Super Bowl Sunday.


Located at 207 Coronado Drive, just around the corner from the iconic Clearwater Beach Marina, RockHouse Live Clearwater is slated to open in February 2021.


The flagship location features new construction with extensive indoor and outdoor seating, an indoor/outdoor bar, air curtains, and more, and will feature nightly entertainment and live music, including local, regional and national artists.  


RockHouse Live Clearwater is expected to be open in time for Super Bowl LV, which is being held in neighboring Tampa on February 7th, and will have numerous flat screen TVs so fans can enjoy the game if they are not lucky enough to have a ticket.


Notably, the location will be the first to feature new integrated technology from VNUE, Inc. (OTC: VNUE), including Soundstr (, VNUE’s groundbreaking “music recognition” platform, which helps to make sure songwriters and publishers are paid for music played in public spaces like RockHouse, and will help to reduce music licensing costs.  


RHL Clearwater will also utilize VNUE’s (, an innovative mobile and web-based content production and distribution platform, to record shows and sell the content to fans immediately after performances.  This is the same platform that is utilized by VNUE and sister company DiscLive to record such artists as Rob Thomas, and next year’s upcoming tour with Matchbox Twenty.


RockHouse Live Clearwater will pay a monthly subscription to VNUE for Soundstr, and revenues earned from will be split via a revenue share between VNUE, the artists, and RockHouse Live Clearwater, with the lion’s share going to the artists.  Every future iteration of RockHouse Live will feature these technologies.


Bair originally conceived RockHouse Live in 2006, after selling majority interest of the company he founded, Immediatek, to Mark Cuban of “Shark Tank” fame. Bair is known as the “pioneer of instant live recording,” and has worked with and produced content for major artists over the last 17 years (Slash, Peter Frampton, Alter Bridge, Seether) all around the world, and most recently international superstar Rob Thomas. 


Partner Jock Weaver is armed with the hands-on experience of expanding the iconic Hard Rock Café, which grew under Weaver’s leadership from a $750k business to a multi-unit $200 million enterprise. Weaver teamed up with Bair after he fell in love with Bair’s vision for RockHouse Live.


Bair and Weaver expect that the concept will grow rapidly now that the flagship location has been finalized, and in fact have already been in discussion with several potential spots.



Investors are welcome to contact Weaver and Bair for specific information at 


About RockHouse Live International™ 


RockHouse Live International™ is a first-of-its kind hybrid live & virtual entertainment-themed restaurant, venue and bar concept, offering the culture of rock ‘n’ roll with live music, entertainment, great food, awesome drinks, and “instant live” recording. 


Founded by music technology entrepreneur Zach Bair in 2006 in Dallas, Texas, and more recently incubated for several years in Memphis, Tennessee, Bair was joined by former Hard Rock Café International president Jock Weaver to roll the concept out globally.


The new venture plans to rival the success of Hard Rock Café, the iconic music/food International chain that morphed into a $200 million dollar venture under the tutelage of Weaver.


All RockHouse Live International locations will feature technology from VNUE, Inc., including VNUE’s Soundstr music recognition technology (, to improve music licensing and to get artists paid, and (, the innovative “instant live” platform that allows artists to be professionally recorded and content made available to fans immediately after shows.


Locations will also feature proprietary streaming and production technology, so that fans may experience concerts in other RockHouse locations and around the world.


Investors seeking to learn more can contact Weaver and Bair at