Ronnie Ortiz and Smush Cocktails

Ronnie Ortiz and Smush CocktailsRonnie Ortiz Magro who earned his party stripes as part of the cast of MTV’s wildly successful reality series Jersey Shore is now breaking into the adult beverages with the introduction of his new Smush Cocktail line. The line which is pre-mixed and sold in bottles comes in 4 four distinct cocktails; The Smushjito, Mojito, The Apple Smushtini, Martini , The Smushita, Magrarita and The Cosmush, Cosmopolitan. Ortiz Magro is also proud of the fact that the drinks are lite and have only 34 calories per serving.

Ortiz Magro, who was a successful real estate developer before joining Jersey Shore believes that starting a liquor company is a great opportunity to have an ongoing business that can have great success in his post Jersey Shore career. “This is a great opportunity for me and I look at it as a growing business that can continue to expand for years to come,” said Ortiz Magro. As evidence of his commitment to his new elixir, Ortiz Magro will appear at The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 70th Annual Convention & Exposition in Orlando being held in April. He plans major and personal outreach to the world wide spirits community, many of whom were fans of Jersey Shore. “People still love and have great memories about Jersey Shore but at the same time, I know we have a great line of drinks. Everyone who has tried them, loves them. So if I can use my celebrity to make them huge I will,” said Ortiz Magro.

Ortiz Magro is busy post Jersey Shore. In addition to his cocktail line, he has continued to make lots of personal appearances and has been hired by MTV to do their movie promos. He is also taking acting very seriously and has been studying continually since he joined Jersey Shore. He made his film debut last year in The Three Stooges which has since grossed over $44 million at the boxoffice