ROSATI ICE’S 4 TIPS FOR GROWING SUPERMARKET SECTOR SALESLooking ahead to 2017, Rosati Ice, America’s oldest Italian ice company, will be expanding its supermarket presence by growing partnerships with Acme, Whole Foods, Weis Markets, and others; and is about to announce a couple of new major supermarket chains as well.  The secret, according to President and CEO, Rich Trotter, is to think like a “105-year-old startup.”  Says CEO Trotter, “In managing a 105-year-old company, it is always tempting to coast and to do things like we’ve always done it.  However, our exceptional growth into 37 states in the last decade results from being disruptive, innovative, nimble and non-traditional . . . in short, in thinking like a startup.”

Trotter outlines his 4 key tips for success in supermarket sales:

Think Outside the Cup – Disruptive Packaging And Merchandising

Virtually all Italian Ice is sold in single serving cups, but what do you do if you have a family or a picnic and want to serve its ices?  Thinking outside the cup, Rosati Ice pioneered the two-quart Party Pail which provides larger quantities of product at a lower price point for the consumer and a higher margin for the stores.  The pails are usually easier for the stores to handle and stock.  Rosati’s 2-quart party pails are available in flavors: Classic Cherry, Classic Rainbow (cherry, lemon & blue raspberry), Mango, Lemon and Root Beer

Two innovative flavors this year include Rosati Emoji Ice, to appeal to a younger market, and Mango Caliente, to appeal to the Hispanic market.

“Scoopability” aka Product Innovation

Italian Ices had been made the same way until Rosati Ice realized that consumers like their Italian Ices to be easier to handle. Therefore, Rosati created a recipe to make Rosati’s uniquely “Scoopable”.  A side benefit is the shelf life is much longer.

Expanding on its Track Record

Rich Trotter says, “When you are the steward of a 105-year-old iconic brand, there is little pressure to act rashly.  You have the confidence to work at something until you get it perfect.”  Supermarket customers understand this and choose Rosati because its dependability, longevity, and track record mean fewer issues for them.

Quality and Taste

Rosati Ice is committed to a healthier product.  For example, its supermarket line is made with 100% natural sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. Products are also gluten free, dairy free, fat free, cholesterol free, and lactose free.  Proof of product quality is demonstrated by the fact that it is approved to be part of school lunch programs in 37 states, each with very stringent rules.

About Rosati Ice:

Rosati Ice was founded in 1912 by Sam Rosati, an Italian immigrant who made his first Italian ices cranked by hand in the basement of his West Philadelphia home.  The company grew and Sam soon became known as “The King of Water Ice,” having his popular ices sold from horse drawn wagons throughout the city and at the New Jersey shore.  In the mid 50’s, the company moved to its current headquarters in Clifton Heights, PA and management was taken over by Sam’s daughter Rosemary and her husband Jim Salomone.  In 1997, the company was purchased by Rich Trotter, its current owner.  The company is America’s oldest Italian Ice manufacturer.