Seafood – Health Beneficial and Delicious Meal

By Mike Nicholson,

Demand for seafood is continuously increasing worldwide. Fresh seafood is now widely available than ever before. There are numerous reason for eating seafood and fish. Nowadays, people realize the importance of eating seafood. Numerous researches and studies have proved that the ideal source of good vitamins, fats and mineral to promote better health can actually be found in different seafood. Some of the benefits of eating seafood, fish and shrimp are listed below:

1) Fish is good for heart diseases – Undeniably, seafood is low fat food. Fish are high in protein, and low in fat and cholesterol. Fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid that is most beneficial for your health. It decreases the inflammatory process in blood vessels.
2) Seafood is proven to strengthen your immune system – Researches have shown that many varieties of shrimp and fish have high antioxidant which can boost up your immune system and reduce the risk of heart diseases.
3) Seafood makes smart and healthy kids – A healthy seafood diet for kids every week can definitely enhance their learning skills and improve their health. It also helps in development of eye sight of unborn child.
4) Seafood reduces the risks of cancer – It has been said that people who regularly eat seafood have low risks of getting cancer of the throat, mouth, stomach, lung, pancreas, colon, etc.

Malaysia is one of the biggest sourcing hubs in fish, shrimp and seafood industry and is technologically very sound. Malaysia shrimp have good grow-out and a consistent record of harvesting remarkable crop every year. Malaysia shrimp is an enormously vital crop for Malaysia seafood industry. From last few years, Malaysia seafood is in great demand across the world. Malaysia has been quickly gaining a foothold throughout the globe due to its high quality and competitive price.

There are wide range of hotels and restaurants that offer Malaysia seafood, Malaysia fish and Malaysia shrimp. Its quality and competitive price makes them the obvious choice for hotels, restaurants and resorts. Malaysia has now surpassed other countries to become the largest exporter of seafood products.

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