Seafood Sidesteps Steak as the New Grill Star

Firing up the grill on Labor Day is an American tradition through and through, but instead of featuring the same tired cast of steaks, burgers and chicken, showcase a new star on the grill- seafood!  Jim Papadopoulos, Chef de Cuisine at Sam & Harry’s Steakhouse, notes that compared to more traditional grilling items, shellfish cooks through fairly quickly, leaving more time to mix and mingle with friends and family.

“Seafood offers a simple way to spice up the same old grilling selections,” says Papadopoulos.  “The key to maintaining flavor and texture is to properly prepare and marinate the shellfish before hitting the grill.”

Below are some new seafood recipes for your Labor Day gathering:

Seafood Sidesteps Steak as the New Grill StarGrilled Oysters with Garlic Herb Butter:  Tis’ the season for Wellfleet & Island Creek East Coast Oysters!  To make this bite-sized treat, start by shucking fresh oysters and place cup side down onto a pre-heated grill over high heat.  For an extra burst of flavor, place a piece of butter underneath each oyster and grill 3-4 minutes until the butter melts and warms the oyster through.  Serve with an herb butter concocted from garlic, lemon, chives and parsley and warm bread for a last ode to summer.

Seafood Sidesteps Steak as the New Grill StarChili and Lime Grilled Shrimp:  Start this sweet and spicy shrimp dish before your guests arrive.  To make the marinade, whisk together lime juice, lime zest, garlic, salt, cumin, paprika & espelette in a mixing bowel.  After slowly whisking in olive oil and cilantro, coat shrimp in the marinade and refrigerate 2-4 hours.  When it’s time to fire up the grill, grill over medium heat for approximately 3 minutes per side and voila!  They are ready to serve.