Sebago Lake Distillery Introduces New Barrel Rested Portland Rum

Handcrafted in Maine, Sebago Lake Distillery Rums Embody the Carefree Lifestyle by the Lake

Sebago Lake Distillery Introduces New Barrel Rested Portland RumSebago Lake Distillery, Maine’s only craft distiller focused exclusively on producing rum, is proud to announce the debut of Barrel Rested Portland Rum. Portland Rum is the newest craft inspired, superlative rum to join the distiller’s range of super-premium offerings including Original Rum, KOPI Coffee Flavored Rum and Spider Island Rum.

Sebago Lake Distillery Introduces New Barrel Rested Portland Rum
Barrel Rested Portland Rum

Sebago Lake’s Head Distiller, Dan Davis, described Portland Rum as a “new rum with an old soul”. Davis added, “The spirit has all the oaky goodness of old Bourbon, some spiciness from the Rye that formerly inhabited the barrels, and the full mouthfeel and caramel goodness you would expect from this 100% pot still rum. While the rum has been aging patiently in barrels for over a year, we have been impatiently waiting for its awakening. We are thrilled to say, the rum has aged perfectly and we are now ready to share this distinct, handcrafted spirit with our fans and inquisitive consumers.”

Since the Sebago Lake Distillery team first fired up the still in 2017, they have been setting aside some of the finest spirits from select distillation runs. The first barrels that would become Portland Rum were filled in July 2017 and the team has been putting away more rum to age every week since then. Davis added, “We recently brought together a group of staff, friends and self-proclaimed rum aficionados to select the very best of our first barrels to blend, proof and bottle as Portland Rum. We are excited to announce they are on their way to stores, beginning in Maine.”

Sebago Lake Distillery represents the ultimate dream of five long-time friends including two local Mainers. In 2013 the five-some set in motion a long term plan to open their own distillery, energized by Maine’s long and storied history of rum production, and debut a range of unique, high-end, 100% pot distilled rums that embody the group’s passion and the lifestyle of living by the lake where time slows down and fun comes easy. Sebago Lake, the team’s inspiration, provides the perfect backdrop, according to the team, “Life by the lake is more relaxed and carefree. Sebago Lake Rums are crafted for enhancing life as it comes, one sip at a time.”

Sebago Lake Distillery, located in Gardiner, ME, crafts the highest quality Rum, in small batches, sourced from the best ingredients. Each step of the process – mashing, fermenting and distilling – is executed from scratch at the distillery and every batch is tasted and refined to create superior quality rums that can be enjoyed neat, over ice or mixed in classic or contemporary cocktails. Sebago Lake Distillery and its rum brands are the creation of five long time friends: Dave Tomer, CEO; Dan Davis, Distiller; Brock Tredway, COO; Allen Tait, CFO; and John Tyler, Sales and Investor Relations.