Simple Equipment That Manufacturers Use in The United States

Candy manufacturers produce a vast array of confections from fudge, chocolate, non-chocolate, gum-based, nuts/fruits, jelly, granola, chewing gum, marshmallows, and so much more. Nearly everyone has a love for these sweets, but not many attempts to make them in their home.

The type of candy equipment and the skill level deems the task daunting, one that an average individual would prefer to let up to the professionals. Searching for a lovely, quaint candy shop and perusing the aisles of all the sugary delights is much more enticing than trying your luck with a candy thermometer and scales.

Expert manufacturers have top-of-the-line technology, giving them precise, consistent results every time. Plus, there are still some simplistic pieces standing the test of time since the days when grandma only needed a pinch of this and that.

Although, some grandmas did not use the thermometer, instead opting for merely a drop forming a ball in a cup of water to know it was perfect. Nothing will ever compare to those days.

Simple Equipment Manufacturers Use to Help Produce Candy in The United States

The priority when attempting to create the optimum candy is the ingredients. First and foremost, of course, is sugar, a commonality for any confection. It would be best if you chose an all-natural with no contaminants, along with unsalted butter. The flavor and texture should be natural and come from the fact that you add to the recipe.

Manufacturers are fortunate in the tools and equipment that they have at their fingertips, but these are necessary given the volume needed to meet the demand. In a home’s kitchen, these will be much more simplistic, and in a simple, quaint candy shop, you will find some of these tried-and-true tools used faithfully in their production process. Click here for details on the only piece of equipment that you must have to make the best candy.

** Candy Thermometer

In some instances, people are not specific when they shop for a thermometer, neglecting to look for a good candy thermometer. In the manufacturing industry, the best candy thermometers are a must. These deem an essential tool for someone who genuinely wants to make confections on any kind of consistent basis.

A standard thermometer is not ideal since it will not give you the best accuracy for what you’re making, but if you won’t be regularly creating, it serves the purpose as long as you make the investment at some point for the simple tool. It is a definite need for candy.

** Wooden Spoon

An authentic wooden spoon with a nice long handle is always a good piece of equipment to have in your kitchen. It’s most necessary for stirring and will have an essential purpose for scooping. The long handle will keep hands and arms a distance away from the boiling pot of sugar.

Often, these are passed from generation to generation in a home’s kitchen, even in some cases the manufacturing setting people will bring their personal tools and in confectionery shops. It is an intimate tool with significant meaning for people in the industry.

** Saucepan

Likely this is something done on a much grander scale from a manufacturing standpoint given, again, the volume at which they output the confections. But in small shops or the home kitchen, this is a primary tool that needs to be larger, so the ingredients stay contained without spilling over.

You have to think about the fact that you’ll bring the mix to a boil. You do not want to lose any of that from spillage. It is essential to use a large enough pot that you can stir without fear and boil with no problems. Typically, there are not many ingredients included in a candy recipe, especially if you hope to make a wholesome, more healthful option.

** Pastry Brush

A pastry brush can have a lot of different purposes and deems another essential tool in the kitchen. These are high-end and have an automated-type technological set up in the factories but are necessary typically to spread warm butter on pastries. You can also use these to swipe the water on a pan of sugar that is boiling, so it doesn’t crystallize.

The tool is another for which you should either put in initial investment or buy one upfront and plan to make an investment in a better one at some point down the road. When you have the best tools to bake or cook, it genuinely does make a difference in the result as far as texture, taste, flavor, even appearance.


Candy can mean different things to different people, since some think only of chocolate, while others consider marshmallows the best confection. Manufacturers are constantly attempting to come up with different ideas to please the palates of those living in the United States. Each new presentation is met with great anticipation, though some candies on the market get such a bad rap. Find out some history on the confection at .

Though it has been in existence for decades, Candy corn has the distinct pleasure of being voted the worst candy. It has its share of sugar (so the candy thermometer played a part in its existence) but not much else in the way of flavor. While it touts as awful, it is also among the most sold, so go figure. People in America are kind of fickle.

Final Thought

There are some super popular manufacturers of candy products in the United States. Who among them are the best and which is the most sold can probably be everyone’s guess?

Chocolate is a huge fan favorite, and for many people in this country, peanut butter and chocolate together will never be beaten. Others are stuck on gummies and anything sour.

Still, others need a smooth chocolate bar with maybe some nuts mixed in. It is all subjective and a matter of personal taste. One thing that will not change is that there are many people in the U.S. with sweet tooth. Hopefully, with the way society is changing to focus more on wellness, we will curb that just a bit – never eliminate; just cut back a little.