Snake River Roasting Co., a Jackson Hole-based specialty coffee roasting company, has announced new ownership under Jackson Hole local, Mekki Jaidi. Started in 2007 by Ruth Ann Petroff and Mark Barron, Snake River Roasting Co. pays tribute to the area’s iconic river and world-renowned Teton Mountain Range, while seeking to inspire the spirit of adventure with every sip. Soon after the acquisition in 2022, Jaidi and his team opened the company’s first-ever cafe in Jackson’s iconic Town Square while constantly expanding its subscription and wholesale base.

Jaidi relocated his family to Jackson Hole in 2014 from New York City and established what is now Jackson Hole’s top vacation rental enterprise, Outpost. It was when Jaidi decided to offer Outpost guests Snake River Roasting Co.’s specialty coffee that his relationship with Petroff and Barron flourished. The couple recognized Jaidi’s excellent customer service and his passion for the community through his championing local non-profits and his desire to put down roots, and selected him to continue their tradition of roasting high-quality coffee while responsibly growing the business.

“As immigrants, my parents deeply instilled in me the value of nurturing connections and giving back. Our gatherings epitomized how those with diverse backgrounds could unite, share stories, and forge a vibrant community,” said Mekki Jaidi, owner of Snake River Roasting Co. “With a deep appreciation for Jackson Hole and a commitment to its people, I aim to foster these values at Snake River Roasting Co. to further the legacy of Ruth Ann and Mark.”

With every bean roasted, Snake River Roasting Co. seeks to capture the essence of Jackson Hole: its adventure, dynamism and inspiring beauty. The company meticulously selects top-tier beans which are roasted with precise detail using 22-pound roasters. The company’s full product line consists of 24 roasts, including single origin roasts, seasonal blends, espresso, decaf, and specialty blends which seamlessly mix tradition with innovation. The team at Snake River Roasting Co. leverages the unique advantages of Jackson Hole’s altitude to craft a clean, smooth, and vibrant cup of coffee. Higher altitude means thinner air, which affects both the boiling point of water and the way coffee beans roast. With a lower boiling point, water within the coffee bean turns to steam at a lower temperature, allowing the beans to roast in a way that maximizes flavor development. Additionally, reduced oxygen level at high altitudes means slower oxidation, preserving the beans’ freshness and integrity for longer.

Snake River Roasting Co. Cafe’s flagship location in Jackson Hole’s Town Square.serves a variety of coffees and beverages alongside a tasty menu prepared by Provisions Jackson Hole. Jaidi opened the cafe not only as a place to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee, but as a symbol of community and of passion for roasting coffee that fuels all of life’s adventures. It has become a gathering place revered by locals and tourists alike. Under Jaidi, Snake River Roasting Co. is poised for growth while staying true to this unwavering mission to have its flavorful roasts enjoyed in the great outdoors, in an urban coffee shop, or at home.

Snake River Roasting Co.’s coffee roasts can be found on shelves and in coffee shops in select markets across the country through its wholesaler program. Partners of Snake River Roasting Co. report an unparalleled customer experience that reflects the deep commitment to the company’s core values: fostering sustainable practices, strengthening community ties, and pursuing excellence in all endeavors.

Additionally, Snake River Roasting Co. offers weekly, monthly and semi-monthly subscriptions on all of its roasts and ships across the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  

“Jackson Hole holds a special place in the hearts of many. Back when I navigated the long, grueling hours of a finance job in NYC, I often found solace in reminiscing over photos of Jackson Hole, wishing I had something tangible, like coffee, from this beloved place, to connect me to its spirit from afar,” said Jaidi. “At Snake River Roasting Co., our aim is to share the remarkable culture and sense of community found in our quaint mountain town with people across the country. Our coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a medium to bring people together, fostering connections while encouraging them to embrace life’s adventures, be they physical or mental journeys.”

About Snake River Roasting Co.
Coffee inspired by Jackson Hole, Fueling Life’s Adventures. Founded in 2008 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Snake River Roasting Co. crafts specialty coffee at high altitude that serves as an ode to the spirit and culture of the land and its people. Snake River Roasting Co.’s team shares a love for Jackson Hole’s wilderness and adventure – which is reflected in every cup of coffee they brew. The company partners with coffee pioneers like Daterra and Cafe Femenino and intermediaries such as Coffee Holding Company and Onyx Coffee Importers. Each bean is meticulously selected and passes evaluations from Quality Graders. For more information on Snake River Roasting Co. visit www.snakeriverroastingco.comInstagramFacebook or LinkedIn.