SoCal Wineries Take a Stand Through Delivery

Two Southern California wineries are taking a stand against the crisis through delivery! As you may know, the Temecula Valley wine country south of Los Angeles has seen tasting rooms and resorts close due to COVID-19, and as in other industries many workers have been furloughed. Yet two winery resorts in the area are ‘taking a stand through delivery’ and using online sales to give back to employees in need.

South Coast Winery Resort & Spa and Carter Estate Winery and Resort — both owned and operated by Carter Hospitality Group — are contributing 50% of online wine sales to
provide food and other provisions to furloughed staff members. The two winery resorts have seen a spike in online wine sales in the last two weeks and are tracking sales to begin assisting furloughed employees.

South Coast Cares is the company’s grassroots volunteer outreach program formed and led by associates to support their community and team members.