Southern Hospitality Expert Lara Lyn Carter Launches New Sauce Line

Southern Hospitality Expert Lara Lyn Carter Launches New Sauce Line


Southern Hospitality Expert Lara Lyn Carter Launches New Sauce Line Wicker & Whisk

Wicker & Whisk Will Bring Bold New Flavors to Classic Southern Dishes

(Atlanta, GA) May 13, 2015 – Georgia’s go-to authority on Southern entertaining, Lara Lyn Carter, is thrilled to announce the launch of her new sauce line Wicker & Whisk. The line, available June 2015, will be carried on the shelves of select grocery stores and specialty food stores.

The initial launch will include three classic sauces: Merlot Steak Sauce; a rich, tangy sauce made with real red wine, Port Wine Mustard; a sweet and savory sauce with a bold taste and Homegrown Herb Dressing; a creamy dressing with floral and herbaceous flavor. The line of marinades and sauces puts a bold new spin on American family favorites, taking classic tried-and-true flavors and elevating them to the next level. Lara Lyn has also created a group of recipes to accompany the sauce line so that consumers can use the products in various ways.

Lara Lyn adds, “I wanted to offer a line of ready-to-use sauces so that more time would not be spent in the kitchen, but with family and friends around the table. I also wanted my products to be more than condiments. I wanted them to bring ideas and inspiration to elevate family favorites and offer new recipe ideas for people to try.”

Wicker & Whisk will debut alongside Lara Lyn’s new show Thyme for Sharing, set to air as a part of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s summer lineup, premiering on Saturday, June 13 at 3 p.m. EST. The show follows Lara Lyn as she goes on a culinary journey around the south, visiting quintessential destinations such as Nashville, Jekyll Island, Monticello and Gray Moss Plantation. At each stop, Lara Lyn will draw inspiration from a classic local dish before recreating it in her own kitchen.

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About Lara Lyn Carter:

Born and raised in Georgia, Lara Lyn Carter is no stranger to Southern hospitality. Her strong Southern roots, and affinity for cooking, inspired her to create and host Savor the Good Life, a television program dedicated to showcasing the history of South Georgia, travel and cuisine. The show, airing on the NBC and ABC affiliate for southwest Georgia, was a glowing success and was honored with an award from the National Association of Broadcasters.  In 2014, Lara Lyn published her first cookbook Southern Thymes Shared, a complete guide to entertaining. Her new show Thyme for Sharing with Lara Lyn Carter will premiere alongside the launch of her sauce line, Wicker and Whisk, in June 2015. For more information please visit

About Wicker & Whisk:

Wicker and Whisk was created on a breezy Sunday evening, with Lara Lyn Carter’s family around the table and dinner in the oven. The idea?  To bring bold new flavors to classic dishes. The line, set to launch in June 2015, will be available in grocery stores and specialty food stores, and will include staples such as Merlot Steak Sauce, Port Wine Mustard and Homegrown Herb Dressing. For more information regarding the sauce line, please