Spinato’s Energizes the Frozen Specialty Pizza Category with New Broccoli Crust Pizza and Flavor-Focused Packaging

Spinato’s Energizes the Frozen Specialty Pizza Category with New Broccoli Crust Pizza and Flavor-Focused PackagingSpinato’s, a Phoenix-based specialty frozen pizza brand, announced an innovative step forward in the frozen specialty pizza category with the launch of its highly anticipated broccoli crust pizzas. The new plant-based recipe will complement Spinato’s existing retail line of flavor-focused offerings, including gluten-free pizzas and pasta sauces. All Spinato’s pizzas will soon be shipped to retail partners in newly redesigned packaging that reflects Spinato’s pizza artistry and “know how.”

The broccoli crust line of products is a smart move for the pizza pie innovators. It will be offered in four flavors with hand-selected ingredients, including Slow-Roasted Tomato Margherita, Mediterranean Supreme, Primavera, and Aged Asiago, Romano & Mozzarella. All of Spinato’s recipe creations are made with its signature handmade pizza sauce, farm-fresh ingredients and certified gluten-free dough. Also, both the traditional gluten-free and the new broccoli crust pizzas have been upgraded to a larger 10” inch size.

The new packaging reflects Mediterranean artistry, accentuating the company’s passion for quality ingredients and handmade specialty pizzas. Each recipe has distinct graphic imagery, reflecting the uniqueness of that particular flavor. The new branding reflects its passion and meticulous attention to detail in a way that’s unique to Spinatos; they call it the “art of pizza”.

“We’re genuinely excited to release our new broccoli crust pizzas with the re-launch of our overall retail brand,” said Spinato’s President, Anthony Spinato. “We want our retail partners to remain competitive; not only offering the best tasting gluten-free frozen pizzas available, but also this first-to-market plant-based broccoli crust. Our new line of broccoli crust pizzas will deliver another unique taste experience that will resonate with today’s demanding and time-pressed consumers. The new branding is our way of expressing our commitment to provide high quality frozen pizzas that encourage consumers to cook and connect over a shared meal”.

With its legacy of its popular pizza restaurants in tow, Spinato’s retail distribution has grown rapidly to 750 retail stores nationwide. Spinato’s plans for expanded distribution to over 1,000 additional storefronts this year.

For more information on Spinato’s, visit www.spinatos.com.