New Wellness Drinks Combine Function, Convenience and Delicious Taste

Absorbing your daily vitamins and electrolytes is now just a “shot” away thanks to MY BODY SHOTS. The novel line of vitamin-enhanced rehydration beverages help maintain a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. Highly effective and convenient, MY BODY SHOTS are the easy new way to keep adults and kids feeling good on the go.

Consisting of seven caffeine and preservative-free beverages that cater to your bodies needs, MY BODY SHOTS replenish necessary vitamins and electrolytes in one quick drink. Adults can start their day right by consuming an Electro Vitamin, while sports enthusiasts can enjoy an Electro Sport to quickly gain electrolytes lost during physical activity. Ideal for lunch boxes, Electo Kids Vitamin and Electro Kids Sport are fruit-flavored functional drinks that help children feel their best throughout the day. For those feeling under the weather, Electro Immunity delivers an extra dose of nutrients, electrolytes and herbs to revitalize your body, whereas Electro Travel gives travelers an added boost of nutrients to sustain long flights and hotel stays. Unique to the line is Electro Nyte, the ultimate alcohol recovery and rehydration drink.

“We are very excited to introduce MY BODY SHOTS to the everyday, busy person who strives to stay healthy,” said MY BODY SHOTS co-founder and CEO Barrie Mann. “From working out at the gym to traveling excessively or even a fun night on the town, it is important to replenish the body with vitamins and maintain hydration in order to perform at your best. That’s where MY BODY SHOTS comes in. The compact, 2.5 oz. size makes the tasty shot the perfect on-the-go companion for the active lifestyle.”

MY BODY SHOTS drinks use all natural flavors and sweeteners, and are available for purchase on the company website in a six pack for $15.99. The seven unique, shot-sized beverages come in tasty flavors such as orange-citrus, mango-passion fruit, citrus, lemon-lime, grape, and fruit punch. For more information, please visit



Established in 2009, MY BODY SHOTS, LLC created a line of vitamin-enhanced rehydration beverages geared to provide the necessary daily nutrients for adults and kids in an easy, convenient shot format. The formula for each 2.5 oz drink was carefully developed by nutrition experts and combines the beneficial ingredients of the major vitamin groups, important body minerals with key electrolytes. Developed as an all natural product, MY BODY SHOTS uses all natural flavorings, sweeteners and coloring. Whether at the gym, school or work, these great tasting drinks will help keep you hydrated and healthy. For more information, please visit Stay Hydrated. Stay Healthy. Stay True to Your Body!