The taste of summer can now be enjoyed all year long with the addition of the popular flavor, blackberry, to the Midnight Moon Fruit Inclusions moonshine family from Piedmont Distillers. Made with the whole berry, the sweet yet tart flavor of the shiny red and black berries is evident in the smooth craft spirit and the real fruit that fill the traditional moonshine jar.

Arriving in stores on August 1 is new Midnight Moon Blackberry fruit inclusions moonshine, inspired by the family moonshine recipes of legendary moonshiner and NASCAR hall of famer, Junior Johnson. Handcrafted in single batches, fruit inclusions also come in delectable, mixable flavors like Apple Pie, Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Cranberry. These spirits begin with a 100 proof version of the original Midnight Moon, which is then authentically infused with whole pieces of gourmet-quality fruit. No extracts, color additives, or artificial flavors are added. All of the fruit flavor and color in the Midnight Moon inclusions comes from the fruit itself – just as nature (and moonshiners) intended. Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon fruit inclusions are uniquely packaged in authentic moonshine jars that are prefect for gifting.

“Midnight Moon Blackberry is the perfect flavor combination of sweet and sour to join our line of fruit inclusions. We like to say, that the Midnight Moon line of fruit inclusions are the only products available that taste like real fruit, because they are made with real fruit,” said Joe Michalek, founder of Piedmont Distillers. “Handcrafting the fruit inclusions is not an easy process, but there’s just no substitute for the real thing and doing it right.”

About Piedmont Distillers
Piedmont Distillers was the first craft distillery in the United States to offer a legal moonshine in 2005. Their brands include Catdaddy Spiced Moonshine, Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon Original, and a line of six new Midnight Moon Fruit Inclusions.  All of Piedmont Distillers’ moonshine is made in small, handcrafted batches from America corn and triple-distilled to deliver an ultra-smooth, clean tasting spirit.