Sushi Ii Introduces New Omakase Menus & Sake Pairings for Spring

Master Chef Susumu Ii presents seasonal additions to his Omakase menus and specialty sake pairings featuring the fine sakes of Dessai at his eponymous Sushi Ii. The seasonal changes in the menu are reflective of Chef Ii’s washoku training in Osaka and decades spent mastering how the ebb and flow of the seasons play into the traditional art of sushi.

Sushi Ii Debuts Spring Omakase Menus & Sake Pairings

Guests can expect to see seasonal upgrades and additions across Sushi Ii’s three Omakase experiences. Named after distinct types of Japanese pottery, the Oribe, Bizen, and Karatsu Omakase experiences range from $150 – $250+ per person. For example, the multi-course Bizen menu includes a starter, seasonal appetizer, sashimi, baked dish, simmered dish, fried dish, nigiri, miso soup, and dessert.

Springtime starters vary daily and can include seasonal items like Monkfish Liver with Narazukea traditional Japanese pickled melon with freshly grated wasabi and Mizuna Ohitashi, a delicately boiled vegetable salad dressed with dashi and soy sauce topped with fried tofu skin. Chef Ii’s meticulous attention to detail shines through the seasonal appetizer course displaying intricate bite-sized items like the umami-rich Unagi Rice wrapped in omelet; Cherry Trout baked with a Japanese pepper leaf which signifies spring; and a coiled Needlefish served with a tangy-sweet plum soy sauce. Hyper-seasonal seafood include Ainame, a rare fish that can only be found along the rocky shores of the Japanese archipelago; Bonito, caught in spring along the harbors of the Shizuoka; and Manakatsuo, a Japanese butterfish from Kyushu. These spring seafood delicacies appear throughout the menu’s nigiri and cooked courses.

In addition to its new spring menu, Sushi Ii will be offering side-by-side tastings of sakes from Dassai. Available as an add-on to Chef Ii’s illustrious Omakase offerings, the pairing gives guests a glimpse into three of the world’s finest sakes – Dassai’s sparkling nigori, Dassai 23, and Dassai Hayata 23. Dassai Hayata 23 was developed by the late Professor Yasuyoshi Hayata. His namesake sake is pasteurized with patented micro-bubbled carbon dioxide. This unique low-temperature pasteurization method allows the truest expression of the sake to come forward on the palate. Dessai Hayata 23 is only available to restaurants.

This one-of-a-kind tasting experience allows guests to enjoy a glass of this ultra-premium sake without purchasing a whole bottle. Experience how the sakes compare and pair with the spring ingredients and flavors presented in Chef Ii’s Omakase. Priced at $75, guests can look forward to this special addition to Sushi Ii’s Omakase offerings on the 2nd, 3rd, and 23rd of each month. Reservations are required and can be made online.

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Sushi Ii is located at Mariner’s Pointe (100 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach) and is open Tuesday- Sunday for dinner, with reservation times available from 5:00 p.m. -8 p.m. For more information, please visit or connect with Sushi Ii on Instagram at @sushi_iirestaurant.

About Sushi Ii

Master Chef Susumu Ii presents a Japanese dining experience steeped in tradition, craftsmanship, and time-honored technique with his eponymous Sushi Ii. Located in Newport Beach, the restaurant is the culmination of decades that Chef Ii has spent meticulously dedicating to mastering the traditional art of sushi. The restaurant’s understated-yet-elegant design allows Chef Ii and the artistry of his sushi to take center stage. At 1200 square feet, the restaurant seats 24 guests with two tables of four and 16 counter seats, six of which can be entirely enclosed with a partition to create an elite private dining experience.