Sustainable gift ideas for the foodie in your life

We’re all that bit more environmentally conscious these days and when it comes to buying gifts you can continue to do your bit.


If you have a foodie in your life who just loves to cook, eat and experiment in the kitchen there are loads of ways you can help them indulge their passion whilst also thinking sustainably.


Here are just a few:

Zero waste kitchen products

There are so many things on the market now that mean none of us really need to use single use food bags or wrap, harmful cleaners or non biodegradable sponges and brushes.


The Zero Waste Box Co have hit upon the idea of gift boxes containing biodegradable and compostable sponges and scourers and eco-friendly dishwashing soap.


If you want to make it more personal you could piece a similar box together yourself.


Peace with the Wild has a whole range of eco friendly kitchen essentials such as pretty reusable bowl covers to use when you have leftovers for the fridge, reusable alternatives to paper towels and wax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap. Maybe throw in a reusable travel mug for takeaway coffee lovers and perhaps some reusable straws too?


Ethical gift boxes that only include sustainably sourced food and drink are another idea.

Entice them to try meat free cooking

It is said by some that the biggest way to reduce our impact on the world is to reduce meat and dairy intake.


How about gently enticing your food loving friend or family member to get excited about meat and dairy free meals with a vegan cookbook?


You could go a step further and help alleviate all the waste that goes into creating a hard copy book, by paying for a recipes app for them instead. If a fully vegan app feels like too much of a statement, how about a more broad cooking app?

Get them growing their own

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables reduces food miles, packaging and waste.


It’s so easy to grow so many things, even for those who only have limited space.


Herbs such as mint, basil, parsley and rosemary all grow well indoors. Carrots, lettuce, beans and onions all grow well in pots.


Why not buy some pretty pots and some seeds and present it as a package? Or you can find lots of gift sets of this type.


For a foodie with a garden and who you think would be prepared to set aside a little space you could even invest in a compost bin – presents don’t have to be pretty! Some people prefer practical.

A food experience voucher

Cut down on waste by avoiding buying something tangible and disposable by opting for a gift experience instead.


You can really tickle a foodie’s tastebuds with the promise of a sumptuous afternoon tea, top class dining experience or even a voucher for their favourite local cafe or restaurant.


You can splash out on something your loved one would never usually stretch to themselves or simply enable them to enjoy what you know to be a favourite meal out or tasty treat on you.


An alternative is a voucher for a cooking class to help them hone their culinary skills or a kit to get them started on making their own favourite treat or tipple at home. Again, food miles and packaging will plummet if we all start making our own jams, wine or beer.