Sweet’N Low — Touring the Country Telling Consumers “Don’t Hesita(s)te”

Sweet’N Low — Touring the Country Telling Consumers “Don’t Hesita(s)te”SWEET’N LOW® KICKS OFF THEIR NATIONAL DON’T HESITA(S)TE™

 If You Like Your Drinks Light and Sweet, You Are in For a Special Treat

NEW YORK, NY – Sweet’N Low® , America’s favorite pink packet zero-calorie sweetener, today announced the launch of their national sampling truck tour this summer. “Don’t Hesita(s)te” represents that moment when someone hesitates before tasting something which can mean they miss out on something delicious. Sweet’N Low will be offering consumers free sweetened beverages that are sure to satisfy and delight anyone with a sweet tooth.

Sweet’N Low — Touring the Country Telling Consumers “Don’t Hesita(s)te”The Sweet’N Low branded truck will travel far and wide to give consumers sweet sipping experiences. The tour will provide guests with refreshing beverages, a distinct and delightful lounge area with free Wi-Fi, fun games and prizes, and on-site photo activations with many local celebrity appearances.

Starting June 13, 2015, the pink packet on wheels will depart from the company’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York and travel to Raleigh, Greenville – Spartanburg, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, Richmond, Oklahoma City, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock, Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Jacksonville and St. Louis. For more details on specific dates and locations, visit sweetnlow.com/tour.

“We are so very excited about how the tour will give our existing fans a treat and others a chance to taste what makes us so unique from all the other sweeteners.” said Kate Schneider, Marketing Director.  “For anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the sweet taste of Sweet’N Low in awhile, we encourage you to come by and sample the sweetness for yourselves!”

The family owned business of Sweet’N Low continues to evolve, as do people and their tastes.  The 56 year-old brand that is traditionally known and used to sweeten coffee and tea has expanded its recipes to replace sugar in both familiar drinks and new unique cocktails. Tastes change over time, and Sweet’N Low is willing to bet you may be surprised at just how ‘sweet’ Sweet’N Low can be.

One little pink packet of Sweet’N Low is about as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar. Replacing sugar with the saccharin based sweetener, consumed safely by humans for more than 100 years, can cut your calorie servings in half and help manage carbohydrate intake, which is critical for diabetics.

Visit www.sweetnlow.com for dates and details for the tour in a town near you, facts, health tips, and reduced-calorie recipes!