Teriyaki Madness Adds “Fusion” from Food to Fork

Fast-Casual, Asian Grill Becomes One of the First to Bring Chorks to the National Marketplace

Teriyaki Madness Adds “Fusion” from Food to ForkTeriyaki Madness is all about fusion. The delicious teriyaki entrees that include over a half pound of protein in each serving are the result of a fused Asian-American concept. But they didn’t stop at the food. Now the fast-casual, Asian grill has teamed up with chork, a three-in-one eating utensil that operates as a fork, chopsticks or training chopsticks, to bring their customer base the ultimate fusion experience.

Those that haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy using a chork yet can plan on seeing them steadily more available around the country in the future. Teriyaki Madness is expanding at an extraordinary rate, opening five locations outside their Las Vegas hub in the past 4 months with dozens of signed agreements in multiple states in the pipeline. The Asian grill is one of the first fast-casual franchises to incorporate the trending eating utensil in their restaurants this year. With fusion menu items like teriyaki bowls, yakisoba and stir-fry, the chork is the perfect addition to Teriyaki Madness’s brand innovation.

“When we started this concept, we wanted to bring Seattle’s staple of Asian-American teriyaki flavors to the rest of the country,” said Rod Arreola, CEO of Teriyaki Madness. “Having a chork available to customers who already fell in love the healthy, fresh, fusion-based menu of Teriyaki Madness, is a partnership that shows how innovation can always be pushed forward.”

The Las Vegas based franchise has incorporated chorks into more than just their restaurants. The unique eating utensil has been a successful marketing tool as well. $5 Teriyaki Madness coupons will often be handed out attached to a chork at new store openings, events or marketing activities. The chork, created by Brown Innovation Group Inc., has shown the unique ability to stick with users after the first touch and transcend the feeling of fusion.

Teriyaki Madness prides itself on an authentic menu that combines the freshest ingredients with its signature sauces made 100 percent from scratch, and proprietary cooking methods to create unique flavors which thrill the taste buds. “As we continue to grow the brand, our concept is fueled by giving customers a hearty, protein-packed experience that is fresh, fulfilling and fits their lifestyle,” said Arreola.

About Teriyaki Madness
Founded in 2003 and franchising since 2005, Teriyaki Madness is a fast-casual Asian restaurant concept headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada committed to unconditionally satisfying our guests by offering delicious, made to order Teriyaki dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, that are served quickly at a reasonable price in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We will “Spread the Madness” spirit and concept so that everybody can experience the best teriyaki on earth. For more information, visit the company website at www.TeriyakiMadness.com.