The 3 Coffee Shop Industry Trends To Watch Out For this Year

Coffee shops have become a sort of extended living room for many people. Because they spend so much time there they expect a lot from their local favorite. They aren’t just coming for a boost of caffeine. After all, they can get that at home.


They have high expectations from everything from the actual coffee, to the ambiance and the service. To make sure you are ticking the right boxes, you have to be aware of what the trends are. This is what people are looking for and expect these days.


In this article, we will go over what some of these trends might be so you can incorporate some of the ideas into your own coffee shop.


1 – Get “hygge” with it


Hygge is a Danish word that completely encapsulates what people are looking for in their local coffee shop. Although there is no exact English equivalent, the idea is something like comfort and warmth in the decor and atmosphere that is not over the top.


The idea is starting to take hold in the public consciousness outside of Denmark so try to incorporate some of these elements into your design of the coffee shop. When thinking about the type of cafe furniture Melbourne residents are looking for, think of understated, but comfortable at the same time.


Natural materials like wood and stone are very much in vogue when it comes to trying to come up with hygge style vibes. Colors should also be natural. Neutral colors, light grays, browns, creams are all great ideas for the furniture color as well as the paint.


2 – Can it


The next big thing in soft drinks is going to be cans of coffee. Starbucks already has some in the refrigerated section of most supermarkets these days. But the trend is only now about to really take off.


You can capitalize on this by offering your very own line of canned coffee for people to take away from your store. Or, you can set up some local distribution for people to get it anywhere.


Cold brew is already very popular so the canned coffee trend is following hot on its heels since people are already used to drinking cold coffee.


3 – Coffee additives


People are starting to pick up on the trend that has been happening already all over Asia. They love to add things to the coffee to up the experience. Things like ginseng and various spices are very popular additions to the coffee there.


You can get ahead of this trend in your area by offering these things and more. Mushroom coffee is gaining popularity as are collagen supplements in the creamer. The key to remember is that people are looking for nutritional additives for their coffee for added health benefits.


Benefits like antioxidants, antiinflammatories and even remedies for joint health should be on the menu for your coffee offerings. People are busy and look for ways to incorporate these nutrients without having to go out of their way.