The Butcher’s Bar & Grill in NY – A Long Island Delight

When I heard about The Butcher’s Bar & Grill (called The BBG) in Williston Park, New York – I thought “Wow, tough call adding another steakhouse to the Long Island dining scene.” The area holds a few stand outs already. But when I learned it was sisters with Kyma, the sceney but amazing Greek restaurant in Roslyn, I got super excited. Two of The BBG owners are on site – Executive Chef Oscar Martinez (former chef at the Old Homestead) and maître d’ and general manager, George Theodosiou. Having two owners in the trenches is often a bonus.

What struck me first was the interior – pretty bar with backlit wine taps, white tables and chairs, white walls and white benches with thick rustic cushions. It felt very West Village to me, which was a good thing. The wall decor is interesting  – meat cleavers and butcher’s knives – a not so subtle reminder of what you’re about to eat. Our table was comfortable (some might consider too small) and we sat across from the bar, I like people watching.

They sent over the Roasted Garlic Bread with Cheese and Fresh Herbs while we looked at the menu. Not how I’d normally start a dinner (bread AND cheese) but wow was it good. We ordered the Octopus with Sweet Red Onions, Lemon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to start and were delighted. The Octopus was tender and not chewy (so many places screw this up). We ordered the 42oz. Rib Eye Steak and Grilled Rosemary Lamb Chops – the steak was finished perfectly – seared dark on the outside and soft on the inside and paired them with Creamed Spinach (always important to critique at a steakhouse) and Mashed Potatoes. The Spinach was delicious, equal amounts of cream and spinach – the perfect complement to a good steak starts here in my opinion!

For dessert, they sent over a slice of cheesecake (they get theirs from Juniors!) so you know that was downright amazing and fluffy.

I’ve seen some complaints online about the service but I have none. I thought they were on top of things. But I always say, service is often the easiest to fix, so if the food is great try again.

We left with a shopping bag of left overs and were happy to relive the experience for the next two days. Excited to go back and try other entrees now knowing the steak is A+. And you should go too.


75 Hillside Ave, Williston Park NY 11596

Phone: (516) 213-0019