The Little Potato Company Launches “Little Chef” Program

The Little Potato Company Launches “Little Chef” Program to Help Kids Learn about Cooking and Food

The Little Potato Company Launches “Little Chef” ProgramEdmonton, AB July 28, 2015—The Little Potato Company today launched a new program to provide tools and tips to make it easier for parents to cook with their kids, sharing new and important skills while having fun together.

The program will include a growing collection of “Little Chef Approved” recipes featuring Creamer potatoes, and tips for cooking with kids of various ages at The program will also be featured through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and will invite parents and kids to share favourite recipes they create together.

Research has shown that food preparation and cooking skills impact both kids’ and teens’ food choices. When kids are exposed to fresh, unprocessed foods and learn to prepare them well, they are more likely to feel comfortable buying and cooking these foods as adults.

“Over almost 20 years in business, we’ve noticed that as people learn about our little Creamers and their nutritious goodness as a vegetable, the more likely they are to enjoy cooking with and sharing them. We think it’s important to help kids learn about cooking and delicious, healthy food ingredients early so they grow-up with great eating habits, including our Creamers,” said Angela Santiago, CEO and Chief Potato Champion, The Little Potato Company and mother of four.

The program will expand this Fall to offer Little Chefs and their families big opportunities to have fun cooking together, discover the colourful varieties of Creamers, share their cooking experience with others and win fabulous prizes.

The Little Potato Company is also working on a few other surprises for Fall and Winter, including further refinements to its very popular packaging introduced last Fall. They’re also working on a few twists and tweaks on their value-added Oven|Grill and Microwave Ready kits that bundle Creamers, specialized cooking trays and a variety of savoury seasoning packs that consumers love.

About The Little Potato Company:

The Little Potato Company specializes in proprietary little Creamer potatoes which are specifically grown to be naturally buttery tasting, loaded with nutrition, easy to prepare and come in diverse, colourful and fun varieties. A selection of Creamer varieties are sold by leading retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Company is expanding rapidly and investing heavily in infrastructure and other resources to serve customer needs and meet growing demand. Their dedicated “Top of Class” produce retail broker support teams across North America provide ongoing sales and marketing support focused solely on selling and promoting Creamer potatoes. They also support retailers by educating and exciting customers through a popular and growing social media program on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.