The Magic Healing Tendencies of Green Tea

The Magic Healing Tendencies of Green TeaGreen tea is the wonder drink of the millennium; it not only has a wonderful flavor but the health benefits of the drink are so extensive that every day they are finding new reasons to drink green tea instead of coffee. Fresh green tea is the best to use because it has the greatest health benefits. Green tea has been used by steeping the leaves in boiling water as far back as 5,000,000 years ago, in India and China.

In Chinese and Indian medicine, doctors used green tea as a stimulant, diuretic, astringent and as a heart medicine. Scientist and medical researchers are increasingly discovering the health benefits of green tea. Simply sipping a nice hot relaxing cup of green tea a few times a day can make a tremendous difference to your health.

Green tea is unique from other teas in the degree of health benefits that it can offer. It all begins with the way that green tea is processed. While black tea comes from the same plant that green tea does, they are fermented during processing, while green tea is not. Green tea not only has less caffeine than other tea but it is also allowed to maintain its high polyphone or antioxidant content, it retains the very compounds that five it, it’s amazing health-giving properties. Have a look at the health benefits of green tea.

High Cholesterol
Research shows that green tea lowers total cholesterol and raises HDL, (good) cholesterol in people. One research study found that men who drink green tea. In another small study of male smokers, researchers found that green tea significantly reduced blood levels of harmful LDL cholesterol.

Reduce High Blood Pressure
Drinking a cup of green tea each day may lower the risk of high blood pressure by nearly 50 percent, according to a new study. Researchers found that men and women who drank tea on a daily basis for at least a year were much less likely to develop hypertension than those who didn’t, and the more tea they drank, the bigger the benefits.

Heart Problems
Studies confirm that green tea does protect the heart by lowering the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure and thereby reducing the risk of suffering a heart attack. It can protect against coronary artery disease as well because of properties of tea flavonoids such as anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombogenic effects.

Green tea can also help after heart attacks by reducing the number of cardiac cells deaths and preventing some oxidative damage that is the cause of heart cell deaths in heart attacks. Consumption of green tea can prevent future disorders in chronic smokersThe Magic Healing Tendencies of Green Tea, which is another great reason for choosing green tea.

Much of the recent information on the benefits of green tea for the heart is based on a Japanese study. The research was performed at Tohoku University School of Public Policy in Sendai Japan. The research stated that drinking three or more cups of green tea daily reduces the risk of heart disease by 22 percent in men and 31 percent in women. This was compared to those who consume one 3.4 ounces or fewer amounts of green tea daily.