Stony Point Development Group is pleased to announce the opening of The Milkman’s Bar in Charlottesville’s brand-new market hall, Dairy Market, launching Fall 2020. The newest addition to Wilson Richey’s Ten Course Hospitality group, The Milkman’s Bar, led by talented mixologists River Hawkins and Mike Stewart, will serve creative cocktails in a welcoming space that pays homage to classic 1950’s and 60’s Americana drugstore soda fountains.

Featuring a hip and playful vibe, The Milkman’s Bar will offer fun recreations of lost classic American cocktails, with modern techniques and presentations guaranteed to inspire awe and nostalgia. Hawkins and Stewart are curating a cocktail menu that will appeal to every sense, offering stunningly presented libations that will be beautiful to taste, smell, see and touch. The menu will also offer a diverse selection of adult non-alcoholic cocktails, an often-overlooked aspect of a good bar program.

“We are thrilled to be working with Ten Course Hospitality, Wilson Richey and his talented team to open The Milkman’s Bar in Dairy Market as our exclusive bar partner. The bar’s creative, whimsical cocktails and classic 1950’s Americana soda shop design inspiration will be a perfect fit for the nostalgia the Monticello Dairy building elicits in the Charlottesville community,” said Stony Point Development Group President Chris Henry. “The Milkman’s Bar will be an important cornerstone for the Market, complementing the diverse roster of talented culinary artisans and purveyors that we are bringing together under one roof, creating a warm and welcoming venue for community and merchants alike.”

River Hawkins and Mike Stewart are putting their passion and creative touch on The Milkman’s Bar, the largest endeavor they have both undertaken, and a collaborative project they have truly made their own. They will be presenting an entirely new and special experience designed to engage, surprise and delight, which lends itself well to its home in Dairy Market, which will foster community engagement and bringing people together in a welcoming, diverse environment. Both men have strong cocktail backgrounds, managing bar programs all over the world as well as developing new bar programs for acclaimed restaurants. Prior to opening The Milkman’s Bar, both men partnered with Wilson Richey on previous projects in Charlottesville with Hawkins opening The Bebedero and Stewart creating the bar program for Kama Improvised Japanese Cuisine.

“I am proud and excited to be opening up The Milkman’s Bar in Dairy Market with River and Ten Course Hospitality, and to have the opportunity to be a part of a defining experience in Charlottesville,” said Mike Stewart, Bar Manager at The Milkman’s Bar. “Something that is really important to me is fostering a sense of community and doing my part to be inclusive. I feel Dairy Market will have all the ingredients needed to create a culture that thrives in new ways. We look forward to delivering a truly special experience to the Charlottesville community, revamping classic cocktails in new ways in a fun and playful space.”


“The Milkman’s Bar is a great opportunity for me to have a lot of fun and get really creative. Working with skilled talent like Mike, makes it easy to be inspired to create new and artistic expressions of cocktails,” said River Hawkins, Owner of The Milkman’s Bar. “We both love all aspects of making cocktails and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so the cocktail program will be fun recreations of lost classic American cocktails with contemporary twists and artful presentations. I do not want to give too much away as that would spoil the surprises we have in store for Charlottesville, but I think I can say, without hyperbole, we are going to show our guests things they have never seen before.”


Dairy Market, located in the historic Monticello Dairy building in downtown Charlottesville, is reviving a local community treasure and hometown favorite by bringing together a diverse variety of food and beverage, agriculture, Southern culture, history and arts, all under one roof. The Milkman’s Bar, along with the other culinary artisans and purveyors carefully selected by Dairy Market, will showcase the unique array of flavors and artistic inspiration that sets Charlottesville apart.


John Pritzlaff and Jenny Stoner of Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer handled the lease negotiations on behalf of Dairy Market.