The Power of Simplicity and the Pursuit of Possibilities

The reality of the ultra-competitive and increasingly regulated food service environment continues to be a big challenge for our food industry. Today’s consumers are more knowledgeable and demand higher expectations in regards to food safety, nutrition information and menu substitutions due to allergies. Currently, there is not an efficient and cost effective method to obtain and manage all this critical information. Food service operators are normally forced to use expensive third party sources to fill this gap. Restaurants that provide readily available nutritional information, and have food safety and allergen prevention as a priority, can make a huge impact on profitability and public health, by preventing food borne illness, reducing the obesity epidemic and the risk for type II diabetes. However, while strategically managing the “heart” of the operation, menu, and production, most restaurants work in constrained razor-thin margins, limited analytical resources, and over-burdened leadership, so there is a tremendous need for help.

After months of designing, re-designing and getting valuable feedback from key colleagues, this App came to reality. Our approach was different, we learned from experience and we understood that the only way to be successful was to implement a simplified system that would provide all the necessary tools to gain and maintain control of the F&B operations. Our mission was to eliminate unnecessary features to help mitigate the negative outcomes of an overwhelmed technology, to demystify complexity, having the end user always in mind. As stated by Tony Robbins, “The enemy of execution”, it undermines confidence and is not just any enemy of execution, but one of the mortal enemies of success.

InFoodSys is a new platform that resides in the cloud, making it 100% responsive, hence, can be access via any mobile device. The application was created by a group of Chefs and nutrition experts that can fill this need by providing detailed menu information simply and effectively. InFoodSys will get you “a foot up on the competition”. The application introduces an all-in-one web-based recipe management system that can easily calculate food cost, calories, nutrition analysis, provide allergen, gluten alerts, and food safety checks without ever leaving the worksheet. This eliminates the necessity for searching through multiple databases and other resources to meet compliances. The current “after the fact” analysis and reporting, doesn’t allow for real time customization of menu items to reach strategic cost, food safety, quality assurance, or other menu development goals. Timing is everything, and this system is a time saver. From the most experienced Chef to the novice, InFoodSys mission is also to provide a one-stop resource to bring the user into full compliance with current FDA regulations regarding Food Safety and Nutritional Labeling requirements. Our group of professionals was inspired by making things simple for all restaurant operators. We were guided by the same obsessive drive and simple belief that everything can, and will, be made simple. There are no manuals or complicated handbooks, we eschew unnecessary add-ons and frills, so the user could benefit from paring what isn’t essential from their work style and focusing solely on what matters It’s just a simple yet powerful application that can handle complex tasks to obtain the ultimate restaurant objective; to make customers happy while saving time and achieving compliance.