The Real McCoy Rum Expands Distribution to Five States

Handcrafted Spirit Now Available in CT, RI, MA, FL and NJ

The Real McCoy Rum Expands Distribution to Five StatesIn a further move to support its presence in the rum category, The Real McCoy Rum opens distribution in New Jersey, the fifth market to be added since the brand’s launch in January. Real McCoy Spirits, Corp. began its introduction with a 5-year-aged rum, followed by 3- and 12-year aged rums, both of which hit shelves last month.  Beyond New Jersey, all three expressions are available in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and Rhode Island.

With the addition of New Jersey this month, and Florida in October, Real McCoy Spirits Corp. is making measurable strides to establish a national presence with its rums. As the brand continues to build momentum in the states it is sold, further distribution expansion is close on the horizon.

“Our brand history tells a remarkable story of a man who challenged convention to bring a pure, top quality spirit to the United States,” remarked Bailey Pryor, President and CEO of Real McCoy Spirits, Corp. “Each new state added to our network is not only growth for our brand, but an opportunity to share this story with the rest of the U.S. and across the globe.”

Attributed to the legacy of Bill McCoy, the pioneer rum-runner of the Prohibition era, The Real McCoy Rum is produced by Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, overseen by Master Distiller and recent Rum Hall of Fame inductee Richard Seale. All three marks are made under an uncompromised set of standards, using the highest quality molasses and proprietary yeast exclusive to the distillery.

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About The Real McCoy Rum

The Real McCoy is a rum born from the story of Bill McCoy, the pioneer Rum Runner of the Prohibition era. A blend of column and pot still rum, The Real McCoy is a multi-award-winning super premium rum, made using only top quality black strap molasses and proprietary yeast, and is aged in toasted American oak bourbon barrels. The Real McCoy is produced by Foursquare Distillery in the province of St. Phillip, Barbados, West Indies and is available in 3, 5 and 12 Year aged expressions in CT, MA, NJ, FL and RI.