The Zaxby’s Funnel Cake A Golden Sweet Treat

Fried dough dusted with powdered sugar and dripping with caramel sauce – that’s the simple yet irresistible allure of the Zaxby’s Funnel Cake. This wasn’t always on the menu at your favorite chicken joint, but in June 2023, Zaxby’s introduced this sweet treat, and it quickly gained a devoted following.

A Classic Dessert Gets the Zaxby’s Treatment

Zaxby’s take on the funnel cake is a straightforward one. They use a light and fluffy batter that’s fried to a golden brown perfection. The real star of the show, however, is the dusting of powdered sugar that blankets the warm funnel cake, creating a delightful contrast between the crispy exterior and the soft, pillowy interior.

But Zaxby’s doesn’t stop there. To elevate the experience, they include a side of creamy caramel sauce for dipping. This adds a rich and decadent touch, allowing you to customize your sweetness level with every bite.

Limited Time Only? A FOMO Frenzy

The limited-time nature of the Zaxby’s Funnel Cake only amplified its appeal. Social media buzzed with photos and reviews, with some even daring to compare the sweet and savory pairing to the Southern classic, chicken and waffles. The Zaxby’s faithful clamored for more, some even suggesting a permanent spot on the menu.

Did It Live Up to the Hype?

Reviews for the Zaxby’s Funnel Cake were a rollercoaster ride. Devotees praised the light and fluffy texture, the perfect balance of sweetness from the powdered sugar and caramel sauce, and the nostalgic carnival vibes it evoked. However, some critics found the funnel cake a tad greasy or overcooked.

A Sign of Things to Come?

The Zaxby’s Funnel Cake experiment proved to be a success. It showcased the chain’s willingness to venture beyond its comfort zone and cater to a broader range of cravings. While there’s no word on a permanent addition, Zaxby’s history of seasonal and limited-time offerings suggests the funnel cake might just make a triumphant return.

The Verdict: A Fun and Sweet Experiment

Whether you were a fan or not, Zaxby’s Funnel Cake was a fun and unique addition to their menu. It offered a sweet ending to a savory meal and showcased the chain’s willingness to experiment with new flavors. Here’s hoping this limited-time treat makes a return in the future!