TOP 10 Spicy Dishes in the World

Many people love to eat delicious food, and some especially like spicy food. In this article we will tell you about the spiciest dishes from around the world. And if you like more extreme entertainment – try blackjack.

Hot Suicide Wings

Hot Suicide Wings – literally translated means hot suicidal wings. Robin Rosenberg, the chef of one of the Chicago taverns, is also a wit. Few dare to try the chicken wings of his preparation. The fact is that Rosenberg’s signature wings are the spiciest chicken wings in the world.


The dish is so spicy that before trying it, the guest will have to sign a document according to which he will not sue the tavern for possible physical complications. Chicken wings are cooked with one of the hottest pepper varieties in the world – Red Savina Habanero. An ambulance will be provided to a person who wishes to taste this dish as soon as necessary: the waiters always keep the “antidote” at the ready – sour cream, milk sugar, and white bread.


The idea of serving one of the spiciest dishes in the world, Robin hatched for many years. “Of course, for many, this is an unacceptable dish, but perhaps there is a person to whom it will bring true pleasure,” says the chef.


Bollywood Burner

A London-based Indian restaurant claims a place in the Guinness Book of Records in the category of “the spiciest dish on the planet.” According to restaurant chefs, their dish of lamb, with curry sauce and a generous sprinkling of the hottest pepper in the world, is by far the hottest dish on our planet.

This masterpiece is called “Bollywood Burner”. It’s not in the main menu. This infernal dish is served exclusively by special order. Anyone wishing to taste this dish must give a receipt in the presence of restaurant employees, in which he confirms that when ordering a dish, in the event of an unexpected result of a dangerous tasting, he takes full responsibility.


It is known that in the southern province of India, Hyderabad, the cuisine is particularly spicy and, according to connoisseurs, the curry of the British is unlike any hot sauce that they have ever tasted. This curry uses the hottest plant in nature, the naga pepper. According to the Scoville scale (the scale of “hotness of peppers”), its sharpness exceeds 850,000 units. In comparison, Tabasco pepper, widely used in Mexican cuisine, has a sharpness of only 800 units, and “pepper spray” – a tear agent used by the US police – 2,000,000 units.



Phaal is an Indian dish. It is considered the spiciest curry in the country. Phaal is a sauce that is made from 10 types of pepper, the main of which is the so-called (Bhut Jolokia) Bhut Yolokia – in the Guinness Book of Records it is listed as the hottest spice on earth.

Phaal gained immense popularity in New York when the owner of one of the restaurants included it in his menu. As a result, restaurant visitors, having tasted phaal once, then began to bring their friends there so that they too would try such a spicy dish.


Infamous hot pot

“Shameful hot pot” is a very spicy dish that is prepared in a Chinese restaurant in China itself. Why this dish got such a name, history is silent. True, there are legends in China that once this dish was an attribute of some sadomasochistic ritual in this country.

The owner of the restaurant says that despite strict warnings about the spiciness of the dish, he continues to watch how visitors grab their stomachs after the first spoonful.


Australian chili

Nobody knows how to cook truly spicy dishes like the Australians, writes A specific chili sauce, which is prepared in Australia, is considered one of the spiciest dishes in the world.


Those who wanted to try this “slightly” spicy dish never lined up. Adding a drop to some large dishes is possible, but taking and eating a “clean” sauce is not. This chili uses a hot pepper called naga jolokia, the same one used in the London Indian restaurant mentioned above.


In Australia, finally, there were those who wanted to become famous and swallow not even the chili itself, but its fiery component. The characters are Ryan Duke and Alex Fanning. Fortunately, the guys survived. The impressions of the heroes are approximately the same: they are not going to try THIS a second time, but they are terribly proud of themselves.


Couscous with lamb and vegetables

Couscous is a staple food in the Maghreb, particularly in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. Also common in other parts of Africa, France, the Sicilian province of Trapani in Italy, and parts of the Middle East.


Couscous comes in many varieties, and not all of them are spicy. There is fish couscous, sweet and even vegetarian couscous. A lot of pepper is added to couscous with lamb. By the combination of ingredients, this couscous is the fieriest dish. It is not surprising that the Maghrebians and Africans who adore him are much more active and cheerful than their northern neighbors.


As a rule, couscous is prepared on the basis of durum wheat semolina. Traditionally, couscous was prepared by women, but because the preparation of couscous is a very laborious process.


Mexican watermelon

Arrange a fire in the mouth and turn a person into a dragon can … watermelon. But not a simple watermelon, but a watermelon cooked in a special way – in a Mexican way. In Mexico, where most dishes really breathe hot peppers, watermelon is not forgotten either.


Here it is abundantly flavored with pepper, sprinkled with salt and watered with lime juice. The taste of this dish is very specific and seems to many just incredible disgusting: if the preparation of salted watermelons is practiced in Russia in some places, then peppered watermelon looks just a perversion. However, there are spicy lovers on this dish too.

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Mama Africa

Mama Africa are South African sauces. Tabasco lovers compared to Mama Africa lovers; just angelic sweets. Mama Africa Habanero makes even the most persistent admirers of spicy taste cry. Which is not surprising – it contains 22,000 scovilles! Gourmets who are especially sympathetic to ordinary people advise even sniffing this sauce from afar!


The composition of Mama Africa sauces includes fruits, fresh chili peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, green peppers, lemon juice. And to give a piquant taste, fresh and dried seasonings are added: coriander, basil, oregano, ginger, black pepper, and mint. The spiciest are “Mama Africa Habanero”, “Mama Africa with red chilli”, “Mama Africa Chili with mint”.



This dish is from Korea. Kimchi is a spicy spiced sauerkraut and primarily Chinese cabbage. Pickled cabbages are seasoned with red pepper, onion, garlic, and ginger.


In Korea, kimchi is considered the main dish, without which no meal is complete. Koreans believe that moderate consumption of kimchi promotes the absorption of body fat. So for some, this spicy dish looks like a diet. It is also believed that spicy kimchi is a good remedy for colds.