Top 7 Trusted Websites to Look for Job Openings

Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash

Career portals gather and advertise available local vacancies, serving as the modern version of classified ads. A job portal is one of the best places to search for a job and submit resumes to thousands of job openings. Job portals have all the recent listings and extra benefits, such as career guidance, resume writing, and articles, with plenty of helpful advice.

With several job portals available on the internet, it may feel overwhelming for someone to pick a trusted site. After analyzing several job-hunting sites, we have chosen six that are the most useful for your ease.


An advanced AI-powered job search engine is Lensa. The organization’s goal extends beyond only connecting job seekers with openings. Lensa distinguishes itself from the competition by adding engagement and knowledge to the job hunt. With Lensa, you can analyze a prospective job or career for its growth and potential.

This job portal can allow individuals to pursue their desired career path rather than just a job vacancy. Lensa is also very helpful because it shows you the currently marketable professions so that you can apply for the most in-demand jobs.


Jooble is a job search engine designed to help candidates find their dream job, whether a Shopify developer, an insurance agent or anything in between. Like other search engines, Jooble aggregates results from thousands of job sites and provides the most relevant results to your search terms. Jooble operates in over 70 countries worldwide.


With approximately 10 new job posts uploaded every minute and more than a million active users, Indeed is presently the largest job portal worldwide. Candidates can search for recent job openings according to their fields, salary preferences, available dates, education, and experience.

Indeed is entirely free of cost for job searchers, and signing up is not a requirement. However, by creating an account, you can send your resume early to speed up the application process. You can also register for email alerts to get information about all the recent vacancies as soon as they are posted. With their messenger feature, you can also have one-on-one conversations with recruiters and future employers. Another benefit of using Indeed is that before going further with a company, you can read its reviews on the website; this makes it very helpful and user-friendly.


Since its founding in 2003, Ladders has specialized in offering legitimate job postings. Currently, Ladders functions as a job board, career newsroom, and networking site, focusing on matching job seekers with lucrative possibilities. On their website, you will be asked to indicate the job titles you’re most interested in when you join. The job ads matching those titles will immediately show on your Ladders Jobs tab. While some job postings allow applicants to apply for free, others need a paid membership.


In 2008, Glassdoor was established to give millions of current and prospective workers accurate salary information and honest company reviews. Job seekers can quickly search for open opportunities and read in-depth information on each company’s work environment, benefits, and salary statistics, making Glassdoor one of the best websites for employer research and insights.

To begin your job search, build a profile on Glassdoor, submit your CV, and register for email notifications to receive information about upcoming employment prospects. You may also find the available job postings on the website using their search feature. Information about the company, anonymous ratings, and management reviews are available for each job ad.


Established in 2003, LinkedIn has become one of the biggest employment and networking portals. LinkedIn helps in connecting job-seekers directly with recruiters. It allows you to add recruiters and other people to your virtual network.

On LinkedIn, you apply for a job by submitting your resume digitally, and the recruiters will be able to see your LinkedIn profile. It’s free to create a LinkedIn profile and look for employment opportunities, but you can upgrade to a paid subscription to see who has seen your profile.

You can also get specific information on other candidates who have submitted applications for the same positions you are interested in and send messages to people you have still not linked with.


To help people find the most recent job openings, Monster was established in 1994. Monster provides cost-free job-seeking tools and caters to applicants of all experience levels and working preferences. To submit your resume to a job posting, you first register yourself on their website using your email ID. While this step is not compulsory to use the website, it helps you access certain features like bookmarking job openings. Signing up will also help you receive email notifications whenever new employment opportunities exist in your desired fields.


In conclusion, all the websites mentioned above are the best and most trusted job-hunting websites, giving their users an easy and unique job-seeking experience. Make sure to upload a proper resume and try your best to engage with the recruiters. Good luck!