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ecostoreHP in class A by Electrolux Professional: designed for heavy duty working conditions

Pordenone, Italy, November 2015

The first mandatory Europe-wide energy labelling for professional refrigerators and freezers is on its way. Electrolux Professional’s new generation of ecostore – ecostoreHP – is already compatible with the requirements of top classes.

The first compulsory energy labelling for professional refrigerated storage cabinets and counters sold across Europe will come into effect in July 2016.

It is designed to drive energy efficiency and environmentally friendly business, as well as to provide an accurate and comparable classification based on energy consumption and the capability to perform efficiently within different environmental conditions.

Based on the EU energy label, the new generation of Electrolux Professional’s ecostore refrigeration, ecostoreHP, is already compatible with the requirements of top classes, being a leading range for energy efficiency, storage capacity and performance.

A new generation of energy efficiency

“A professional refrigerator wastes 10 times more than a domestic version. Therefore the EU energy label can really make the difference when it comes to restaurateurs consciously choosing their ideal cabinet with objective information at their disposal”, states Massimiliano Falcioni, Head of Refrigeration Category at Electrolux Professional.

Energy consumption is the key criteria when it comes to selecting the ideal appliance to minimize environmental impact, while optimizing business advantages for catering professionals: ecostoreHPis in class A, where A denotes the most efficient energy saving products (*).

From customer insight to leading design

“The development of the ecostore range was based on extensive customer insight, which highlighted the storage capacity as one of the most important benefits of professional cabinets: the net volume allows the improved possibility to select the number and typology of appliances to purchase”, says Falcioni.

ecostoreHPoffers the highest real usable space for food storage available on the market: 50 litres more compared to market average for single door cabinets and 120 litres more compared to market average for double door cabinets.

Top performance under demanding conditions

“Safety is essential when it comes to food. The ecostore range is designed to ensure optimal temperature uniformity and therefore excellent food preservation with any loading condition”, concludes Falcioni.

The new labelling scheme also indicates the capability of the product to guarantee the best performances in heavy duty working conditions, and classifies ecostoreHPas level 5, meaning the cabinet can perform at 40°C ambient temperature and 40% humidity.

(*) Energy savings up to 830 €/year (freezer) and up to 300 €/year (refrigerator). Potential savings based on European Ecodesign directive data and obtained by comparing Class G refrigerators and freezers with equivalent Class A cabinets (energy cost of 0,21 €/kWh and net volume of 503lt).

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