Trends in U.S. Quick Service Restaurant Market (Point of Sales & Handheld devices)

Trends in U.S. Quick Service Restaurant Market (Point of Sales & Handheld devices)The QSR ecosystem market by hardware component is divided into five major segments: signage systems, kiosks, Point of Sales, handheld devices, and digital menu card. Increasing numbers of restaurateurs are searching for new ways to make their business effective and efficient. Solutions related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Personnel Management, DSS (Decision Support Systems), and other aspects of the business are being explored to help optimize resource use and revenue generation. Owing to the increased popularity of wireless networking coupled with the decreased cost of computing, more businesses are adopting these technology-driven solutions.

Trends in U.S. Quick Service Restaurant Market (Point of Sales & Handheld devices)Digital solutions are gaining momentum in a QSR ecosystem as they provide improved accuracy, greater table turnaround, efficient customer checkout, and enhanced productivity. The QSR industry has observed an increase in the adoption of new generations of connected digital POS and signage systems for three specific reasons: brand building, serve customers quickly and subsequently increase sales.

Currently, customers are increasingly using social and digital media as part of their lifestyle, quick service restaurants have been quick to recognize the need for digital and social media as a medium of interaction to reach a wide audience and improve their marketing. Moreover, many customers prefer QSRs with self-service options, such as kiosk systems, as it reduces the waiting time. Subsequently, as the QSR industry moves towards digital technology and business intelligence solutions, the demand for POS, kiosks, handheld devices, signage systems, digital menu cards, analytical software solutions (for designing loyalty programs, targeted marketing, operations management, and others) is expected to grow.

The research report on the QSR ecosystem market in the U.S. provides a detailed analysis of systems such as kiosks, digital signage systems, Point-of-Sale (POS), digital menu cards, handheld devices and helps in understanding driving forces behind the popularity of these systems in the QSR industry. It also provides an analysis of major sub-segments of the U.S ecosystem market for the next six years. The report includes extensive analysis of the industry drivers, restraints, market trends, and market structure. The market study provides a comprehensive assessment of stakeholder strategies and imperatives for succeeding in the business. The report segregates the market based on hardware systems, software application, and services. The market share analysis of the leading players of the QSR ecosystem market in the U.S. mentioned in the report exemplifies the scrupulous understanding of their market shares. The report includes a detailed analysis of the prevalent market situation, company profiles, and industry trends for ecosystem used in quick service restaurants.