Tres Picosos Authentic Mexican Burritos Announces Tres New Flavors

Tres Picosos authentic Mexican burritos, which serves the convenience store and food service channels, announces the addition of three new flavors to its existing line of grab-and-go offerings.

The new flavors are Picadillo Beef, with ground beef, diced potatoes, green chiles and cheddar; Pork Carnitas, with slow-cooked pork shoulder, cilantro lime rice, seasoned pinto beans verde, tomatillo salsa and Monterey Jack cheese; and Western Breakfast, with scrambled eggs, pork sausage, hash browns, green chiles and cheddar, each wrapped in colorfully labeled brown-paper packaging designed to grab the attention of the hurried convenience store customer.

The original five Tres Picosos burritos — Bacon Breakfast, Chicken Fajita, Chipotle Chicken, Sausage Breakfast, and Taco Beef — also sport the new packaging. All eight flavors are available nationwide to distributors through Dot Foods, Inc.

“Americans’ palates are getting more ‘picoso,’” said Jane Hartgrove, la presidenta of Tres Picosos. “They want hotter, more layered flavors with a bolder taste. Convenience retailers don’t need another burrito, they need a better burrito.”

To develop the three new flavors, Tres Picosos turned to its retail sister company, Naughty Chile Taqueria, which offers a variety of combinations that appeals to Tres Picosos customers’ taste profiles. Tres Picosos half-pound burrito recipes emphasize green chile and salsa verde to appeal to today’s more sophisticated but always hurried convenience store shopper.

“We’re blessed to have an inside lens into what customers are buying,” said Hartgrove. “So we picked winning flavors already proven successful at our Naughty Chile Taquerias.”

The updated logo and packaging complement the added new and existing menu items, while projecting an authentic Mexican character. The trend for sustainable packaging is reflected in the brown kraft paper wrapper, giving the product a rustic, old-school Mexican look. Tres Picosos also created new point-of-purchase materials so convenience retailers can easily promote these bolder flavors.

To try Tres Picosos burritos, ask your convenience distributor.

About Tres Picosos

Founded and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Tres Picosos — translated as three hotties, or spicy peppers — has produced authentic Mexican burritos for the convenience and food service channels since 2005. Tres Picosos burritos have more filling and less tortilla than other convenience offerings. Uncompromising on quality and ingredients and committed to bringing an affordable, gourmet-level burrito to convenience retailers throughout the U.S., Tres Picosos offers hot foil or paper-wrapped burritos every day to consumers on the go. Tres Picosos also supports retailers with POS displays and marketing support. Tres Picosos is a woman-owned business and distribution is available nationwide through Dot Foods, Inc. To learn more visit: