Trianon Tequila: Small Batch, Handcrafted Tequila

Trianon Tequila: Small Batch, Handcrafted TequilaFrom what is believed to be the first Tequila distillery, located in Amatitan in the state of Jalisco, comes The TRUE Taste of Tequila…Trianon Tequila. Saul and Alejandro Ocampo are third generation Maestros Tequileros who have been making small batch, super-premium Tequila using time honored traditions and techniques that embody and deliver the TRUE taste of Tequila. Trianon Tequila comes from the heart of the Agave. Using hand selected Blue Weber Agave plants for distillation; the “head” (the top 15%) and the Tail (the bottom 15%) of the product are discarded, leaving only the heart, where the purest taste of the Agave lies. Throwing out actual liquid is something that most companies cannot afford to do. Trianon does it to create the true Agave flavor and nose. The product is offered in Blanco, Reposado and Anejo expressions

Trianon Tequila is a passion of the hard working families who believe in making Tequila in the traditional way. Everything is made with care from the harvest to the hand pressed and polished labels, to the hand blown glass that is our signature Triple Bottle. We pride ourselves in being dedicated to our product and source all the materials from the local community.

Trianon Tequila: Small Batch, Handcrafted TequilaTrianon Tequila is brought to the United States by a young entrepreneur from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Eduardo Gomez. Gomez, a native of Guadalajara, came to the United States for Secondary school and saw that the American palate doesn’t taste The TRUE Taste of Tequila indigenous to his homeland. He hopes that the culture in the States will no longer view Tequila as a “shot drink” but learn to appreciate this classic spirit.

Trianon Tequila was the most awarded Tequila in the 2012 International SIP Awards.

Blanco (Gold Medal) Captures the purest taste of the heart of the blue weber agave, untainted by any bite of alcohol found in other Tequilas. Its clarity and purity is the definitive choice for Tequila connoisseurs.

Reposado (Gold Medal)  Our Reposado is aged in a special barrel blended of French and American Oak. What separates this is we allow our Tequila to “rest” four months longer than the two months that is legally required. The result is a true Agave taste combined with notes of aged oak.

Anejo (Platinum Medal) Perfection takes time, that’s why we allow our Anejo to age 18 months in those same specially blended barrels. This allow us to have the oak reach its full expression, blending perfectly The TRUE Taste of our agave.

Triple Bottle (Platinum Medal) Our Iconic Triple bottle is not only a beautiful artisan piece, but it gives the consumer the opportunity to grow with the tequila. From the Blanco, maturing to the remarkable Reposado and sophisticated Anejo, Trianon Tequila is the Perfect Gift of choice of TRUE Tequila Connoisseurs.

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