Uncle Steve’s So Good You Can Drink It Sweepstakes

So Good You Can Drink It Sweepstakes

Uncle Steve’s So Good You Can Drink It SweepstakesItalian Specialties Group LLC, makers of Uncle Steve’s organic tomato sauce, announced a sweepstakes that starts today called So Good You Can Drink It.

For three weeks, starting July 21, all contestants will be entered to win a $250.00 Whole Foods Market gift card or one of ten cooler bags filled to the brim with Uncle Steve’s merchandise. No purchase is necessary and participants can sign up at unclestevesny.com/sogood.Uncle Steve’s So Good You Can Drink It Sweepstakes

Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties is based in Brooklyn, New York, and owned by actor Steve Schirripa. Best known for his role of Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos and Detective Anthony Abetemarco on CBS’s Blue Bloods, Schirripa has recreated his mother’s sauce using her recipe to craft a healthy comfort food that makes dinner fast and easy.

“I received a text a few weeks ago from a dear friend that said, ‘My son is drinking the sauce from the jar with a straw.’ This wasn’t the first time I heard this. The kid couldn’t wait until his pasta was cooked,” said Schirripa.

“Up until now our marketing has focused on the healthy, clean components of our products. It’s time for everyone to know that Uncle Steve’s tastes great. You can taste the tomato paste and puree in some of our competitors’ products,” said Schirripa. “We only use whole tomatoes from Italy that are picked and packed. The ones that fall to the ground at the farm are crushed into puree for someone else. That’s not for me. Our tomatoes are sweet because they’re packed ripe. We don’t add any kind of sugar because we don’t have to.”Uncle Steve’s So Good You Can Drink It Sweepstakes

Uncle Steve’s tomato sauce is available at over 4,000 stores across the country. For internet sales, recipes, a store locator and to learn more about Uncle Steve’s products, go to www.unclestevesny.com.

About Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties

Uncle Steve’s tomato sauce contains clean, organic and nutritious ingredients with minimal environmental impact. The sauce is USDA Certified Organic, Certified Paleo, Certified Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, kosher, and has no added sugar, and no tomato puree.  It is available at Whole Foods Market and many other grocery and health food stores across the USA.