Unilever Food Solutions and Maille Announce New ‘Mustard Sommelier’ with Launch of Video

Maille, the leading French mustard brand that has set the standard for Dijon mustard for over 270 years, announces its new North American Mustard Sommelier, Chef Brandon Collins, and the launch of a video series illustrating Maille’s French heritage and product usage in modern professional kitchens.

Chef Brandon Collins, the Maille Mustard Sommelier, will serve as the brand’s expert in North America to educate American chefs and consumers alike on the versatility of Maille’s products through innovative recipes, tutorials and professional inspiration. Through extensive training, Brandon has amassed a wealth of knowledge and is an expert on the process of growing mustard seeds, the production of mustard, mustard flavor profiles and food trends. Prior to joining Maille, Collins, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, served as the opening Executive Chef for award winning restaurant, The Roundhouse, in Beacon, NY.

Chef Brandon Collins’ position as the Mustard Sommelier also aligns with the release of a video which showcases Maille’s birthplace in Dijon, the Burgundian mustard fields in bloom, and recipe inspiration for professional chefs. Videos can views on the Unilever Food Solutions’ website, at www.ufs.com/maille.

“Upon starting my career, I tried many different dijon mustards and when I stumbled upon Maille, I realized that the flavor was better than any that I ever had,” explained Maille Mustard Sommelier and Chef Brandon Collins. “It became my secret ingredient, a flavor enhancer that can be added to almost any dish. Maille has helped me put the best food on the plate for my diners from the beginning of my career through today. Becoming the brand’s Mustard Sommelier is not only a dream job because I get to travel to Dijon and learn about Maille’s heritage and ingredients, but also because I get to work with the product every day and help other chefs elevate their craft with this special ingredient.”

About Maille
With over 270 years of expertise, Maille sets the standard for Dijon mustard and is an ambassador of French culinary refinement around the world. Established by Antoine-Claude Maille in 1747, the house of Maille was the official supplier to the Kings of France and many European Royal Courts. Today, Maille is the leading producer of mustard, vinegar and French cornichons in France. It is the attention to detail that sets Maille apart- the carefully selected ingredients, the nuances of the recipes, the expertise in the methods used and the elegant black and gold packaging. The Maille professional product range includes Dijon Originale and Old Style. More information at www.maille.com

About Unilever Food Solutions
We are proud to be part of Unilever, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods, with sales in 180 different countries. As the dedicated foodservice business of Unilever, we lead the industry in providing innovative and high-quality professional food ingredients and value adding services created by 230 professional chefs. Covering 50 cuisines, in 200 million dishes a day. We outgrow our competition thanks to strong brands such as KNORR, LIPTON, BEST FOODS and HELLMANN’S, and talented entrepreneurial people working closely with chefs and distributive partners on a daily basis. Unilever Food Solutions is an inspiring global company made up of talented professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver results for customers. In this positive and open culture, we find inspiration every day, empowering our people to make a ‘bigger difference’ at every level in the organization. We touch on 800 million consumers every year and are part of 100 million meal occasions per day. We provide products and services created by chefs for chefs and aim to do this in a sustainable way. For more information, please visit http://www.ufs.com/