Unique Rum set to be a favorite among the superyacht elite

Unique Rum set to be a favorite among the superyacht elite

Unique Rum set to be a favorite among the superyacht eliteSuperyacht provisions company 1862 Wines & Spirits has recently placed a second order of the unique rum by Rhums de Ced’, amid expectations of it becoming a must have among superyachts this summer.

This unique rum arrived within reach of superyachts on the French Riviera at 1862 Wines & Spirits’ shop, situated opposite the old Port of Cannes; a prime location for yachts.

Herve from 1862 Wines & Spirits spoke to Yachting Pages Media Group and commented, “The rum has become a very popular product since we got it in February. We have samples of all the different flavours, so customers can taste it before buying and the feedback we have had has been very positive.

“We must have sold around 50 bottles since the end of February; which has already led us to place a second order; I definitely expect it to be very popular among superyachts this summer.”

13 years ago amateur rum creator, Cédric Brément of Rhums de Ced’ decided to create a rum that has distinct flavours and characteristics. Tired of drinking drastically altered rum mixed with fruit juice or cola, Cédric produced a macerated (which means to soften by soaking) rum that can be enjoyed straight.

Each bottle of rum is uniquely crafted using raw materials that are selected for their quality and at a specific maturity stage that is required for that particular blend.

The rum is made through maceration, which is a process that is used in wine making. The raw materials are left to soak for at least one month, which enables the rum to draw out the flavour from the ingredients. With a more subtle strength, compared to white or dark rum, at 32%, this drink should be enjoyed as an aperitif to meals.

The rum Cédric uses is somewhat special as it is an AOC ‘rhumagricole’ rum (produced from freshly crushed cane juice) from the French West Indies island of Martinique. The rum is known to be rich and aromatic, with a smooth touch making it very mouth-watering.

Cedric commented, “The selection of raw materials is very important; for each piece gives off specific aromatic values. I do not use anything but rum AOC Martinique, fruit that is exclusively fresh and mature, syrup, cane sugar and Madagascan bourbon vanilla in its bean form.

“My mixes are made based on fruit seasons. With good quality fruit, the aromatic part is exchanged more easily with the liquid.”

There are available; pineapple, mango-passion, banana and kiwi, starfruit passion, apple-ginger and organic apple-pear and when asked for some tasting advice Cedric explained, “Without hesitation, the pineapple. It is the only one where I did put a fruit, because it stands on its own. I prefer it chilled, as an aperitif. Like the others, this rum is 32%, so no small bamboo blow behind the head on the first glass.”

All the rums are available and can be tasted at 1862 Wines & Spirits’ shop in Cannes, France.

The company is working with Yachting Pages Media Group to offer its products to superyachts worldwide.