VALENTINES DAY – TRENDS 2017 PREDICTIONValentines day is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants.  But with the health trends this year, it can affect the diners selection process when selecting the perfect restaurant to celebrate. Here are some burning insider tips and other things you may want to know before diving into cupid’s trap.

Valentines Day falls on a Tuesday this year so it’s perfect advantage for the restaurants as it’s typically a slower time than weekends. Expect a higher chance to get a reservation.

Millions of Canadians each year, dine out on Valentines day. According to, 80% of Canadians celebrate one way or another. According to the most recent survey conducted by Zagat, a rising restaurant online review source says that over 70 million Americans dine out on Valentines.


It may be surprising that 43% say they will go somewhere new. Seems like people have become more adventurous on Valentines Day and willing to try new restaurants. Toronto in particular, have had so many new restaurants open this year and each one, creating a buzz and impact in the local culinary scene.

Pressure is on for these new restaurants to deliver. Valentines is one of the busiest day of the year after Mother’s Day and It’s a make or break situation as these new restaurants will be getting their very first ever Valentines crowd. It’s the perfect advertising especially when diners start posting on social media how great of an experience they had at the new restaurant. This is the perfect opportunity to attract more diners for next year’s Valentines event. It only makes sense for diners to take a chance as they will have a new experience on the special day and they know that the new restaurants will have to do everything they can to have a successful first ever Valentines Day event. It’s also something “extra special” to check out the newest spot in town.


1.5 oz vodka
.5oz Chartreuse liqueur
2oz homemade apple syrup infused
with chamomile
.5oz maple syrup
1oz egg white
Ingredients for syrup:
Fresh Honeycrisp apple
Raw sugar
Organic chamomile loose leaf tea

In a cocktail shaker, Mix all ingredients, add ice and shake.
Grate chocolate on top of the foam and add green apple slices to garnish.
Apple syrup preparation: Dice Honeycrisp apples and add in raw sugar, maple syrup.
Let it simmer and add chamomile tea leaves. Let it boil until the syrup becomes
thick. Taste and strain, set aside to chill.