Vitamin Energy® Now Available at Grocery Outlet’s 300+ Locations Nationwide

Vitamin Energy®, the most convenient way to nourish your body with vitamins while boosting your energy for up to 7+ hours, is thrilled to announce that the sustainable energy shot brand has partnered with retail giant Grocery Outlet. Effective immediately, Vitamin Energy will be sold at each of Grocery Outlet’s 300+ locations nationwide.

The exciting news offers Grocery Outlet’s 1.5 million shoppers hitting their aisles each week with the opportunity to introduce themselves to the world’s fastest growing energy shot brand that was recently honored[MJ1]  by CStore Decisions for their innovation. The news comes shortly after Vitamin Energy announced a retail partnership with

“We are very excited to be welcomed by yet another iconic retail partner,” said Risé Meguiar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Vitamin Energy. “Grocery Outlet is the nation’s largest extreme value retailer, and we are humbled and honored to now call them our partner. They recognize Vitamin Energy’s unique value of promoting nutrition with overall well-being – in addition to fueling energy without the jitters or a sugar-crash later. We can’t wait to introduce ourselves to their loyal customers.”

Vitamin Energy has been gaining new distribution partners at a record pace since the beginning of 2020. Currently, the brand is available at over 20,000 retailers, including, Sunoco, 7-Eleven, Circle-K, Pilot Flying J, QuikTrip (QT) and much more. The USA-based brand is making significant waves across the energy shot market, which had previously been stagnant for over a decade. Due to Vitamin Energy’s unique appeal to demographics that had previously been disengaged from the energy shot market, such as women and health-focused individuals, new customers are entering into the energy shot category.

“We’re growing at a pace that is truly unprecedented,” explained Meguiar, who has over 20 years of acclaimed leadership experience growing companies to astonishing heights. It was Meguiar who had catapulted 5-Hour ENERGY into stardom, and she is now leading the charge at Vitamin Energy to transform the category entirely. “We are here to do much more than sell energy shots. We are dedicated to driving innovation and expanding the energy shot market altogether to become more inclusive and with significantly greater benefits to each and every individual who is introduced to the category. With this mission in tow, we are proudly spearheading a much-needed revitalization to the once stale market, and we are beyond thrilled to see these efforts paying off tenfold. Our loyal customers, record-shattering growth, unparalleled distribution partners and mounting accolades are a testament to this.”

Vitamin Energy offers a varied lineup of sugar-free, carb-free vitamin formulations that are designed to not only fuel 7+ hours of jitter-free energy- without a sugar-crash later, but provide functional support to increase overall well-being and vitality. In Vitamin Energy’s current lineup, the brand offers a propriety blend to fit nearly every lifestyle, whether you’re seeking to improve your mood, increase your concentration and memory, lose weight or boost your immune system. In addition, Vitamin Energy is a proud supporter of first responders. For every purchase made, the company provides a one-for-one grant to deliver first responders throughout the United States with Vitamin Energy shots to keep them energized and nourished while serving our communities.