Von Payne Black: Changing the Way People Think About Whiskey

Von Payne Spirits LLC, a craft spirit company based in Clearwater, Florida, has crafted a truly unique product that has captured the eyes of connoisseurs and newcomers alike. The introduction of Von Payne Black, a Premium Blended Whiskey infused with Natural Black Currant, challenges the norms traditional whiskey market and invites everyone to “Discover the Pleasure of Payne.”

Former tech CEO and entrepreneur, Steve Allen, drew inspiration from four adult daughters and a lifetime of living on the fringe of alternative cultures. As a traditional bourbon drinker himself, he thought if “I could make a bourbon my daughters would drink, I could open up a new space in the market.” After years of experimentation and countless designs, Von Payne Black was brought to market in 2021.

The launch of Von Payne Black is not just another addition to the market; it’s a challenge to the status quo, in a sea of brown bottles, Von Payne Black stands out. With its distinctive packaging, including the iconic gargoyle pour spout, decanter style bottle, and its unparalleled taste profile, Von Payne Black is set to redefine the whiskey experience. It’s an invitation to bring people together for unforgettable experiences and conversations. 

At 90 proof the whiskey’s unique profile, characterized by its infusion with all-natural black currant, delivers a slightly sweet and tart taste that’s approachable for first-time whiskey drinkers yet deeply satisfying for seasoned aficionados. 

Von Payne’s journey is not just about crafting exceptional whiskey; it’s about creating moments and fostering new connections. As Steve Allen puts it, “Von Payne is different on purpose. We do not have a category. We do not fit in. You won’t understand us until you spend time with us, share us, and taste how uniquely special Von Payne is.”

Award-winning both in taste and design, Von Payne Black has already begun to make its mark, capturing the imagination of whiskey lovers, bourbon enthusiasts, and those drawn to alternative subcultures. Its unique blend of innovation and tradition offers a taste experience unlike any other, inviting you to Discover the Pleasure of Payne!

90 Proof Von Payne Black Blended Whiskey infused with Natural Black Currant is available for purchase in Florida, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, Louisiana, and online. 

For more information about Von Payne Black and the Von Payne brand, visit their website VonPayne.com and follow them across all social media.